2018 Paris Grand Chess Tour Betting Preview for Rapid Chess


Posted: June 15, 2018

Updated: June 15, 2018

The Grand Chess Tour is underway and the odds are in. The 2018 Paris Grand Chess Tour betting preview will help you pick apart the competition for a successful wager.

Betting on chess can be challenging at the best of times but when the game becomes rapid, making a profit can seem like a harder task still. Follow the 2018 Paris Grand Chess Tour betting preview to pick apart the odds for a profit.

The Grand Chess Tour is a circuit of prestigious chess tournaments, giving the world’s best players a chance to play to pay their dues. The Paris Grand Chess Tour is comprised of 9 rounds of rapid chess and 18 rounds of blitz. With a prize fund of $150,000, the participants take this chess frenzy very seriously, despite the nature of the rapid chess.

What is rapid chess?

Rapid chess is essentially a chance for the grandmasters of chess to entertain themselves over a game that requires comparatively little thought or mental stress. The game must take less than an hour and longer than 10 minutes, taking pressure from the hours of play chess masters so frequently utilize.

“Rapid and blitz chess are first of all for enjoyment.” – Magnus Carlsen

Fabiano Caruana 9.00

Currently the world number two is doing everything in his power to prepare for when he plays the current world champion over the title. last year he drew the rapids at the London Chess Classic and then won the tournament on blitz. Caruana has never been better and rapid chess will be child’s play for the prodigy, say online sportsbook sites in France.   

Viswanathan Anand 5.02

Interestingly enough, Anand was awarded the Padma Vibhushan (India’s second highest civilian award) in addition to being the first Asian to hold the title of World Chess Champion. He is the current world number one in rapid chess and is eager to maintain his standard. Earlier this year he competed with Caruana at the Norway Chess Tournament, who took first place, Anand coming fourth.

Hikaru Nakamura 4.74

He may be the favourite in the odds, but Hikaru Nakamura is the world number four in rapid chess. He is notorious for his frequenting of online chess sites and domination of blitz style chess. Trained by his FIDE master stepfather, Nakamura became the youngest American to earn the title of grandmaster until 2007 when Caruana broke the record.

2018 Paris Grand Chess Tour betting preview

Although rapid chess is harder to predict than a regular games outcome, Caruana should have no difficulty winning the tournament say online gambling sites in France. The 2018 Paris Chess Tour betting preview says a bet on Fabiano Caruana with 1xBET Sportsbook at 9.00 is one of massive potential profit at a low risk wager.

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