2019 Major League Baseball Betting Predictions: The Phillies Are Willing to Get the NL Title Back

  • The Phillies are likely to win according to the 2019 Major League Baseball Betting Predictions
  • The Brewers are seeing a revival in the past 4 years with the new coach
  • The Cardinals have one of the best teams in recent years
2019 Major League Baseball Betting Predictions St Louis Cardinals
An MLB triumph would be Cardinal for the Great City of St Louis.

The season has just started, but there are reasons for excitement among baseball fans. There are new additions to the squads and comebacks. And our 2019 Major League Baseball betting predictions believe that the Phillies are a team to follow. They are having the best season in over 100 years.

The National League is the world’s oldest team sports league and one of the two of the Major League Baseball. At the end of the season, they both meet at the World Series, deciding the ultimate champions of the MLB. For the next few months, Americans will be running to stadiums around the country to see the best players in action. Bookies are favoring the LA Dodgers to win the NLCS, last year’s winners and runners-up of the World Series. However, our betting preview leads to other teams that seem to have everything to succeed in this season.

In the meantime, don’t forget to place your bet on the winner of the MLB MVP title of the American League.

2019 Major League Baseball betting predictions:
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# Team Odds
#1 Philadelphia Phillies +450
#2 Milwaukee Brewers +700
#3 St. Louis Cardinals +800

The Phillies are likely to win the NL after a 10-year drought

The Philadelphia Phillies are leading the National League East Division and had the best start of the season since 1915.

As online sportsbook news sites in Canada report, this year they signed the “five-tool-player” Bryce Harper. It was one of the most expensive contracts of all-time in North American sports history. He came from the Washington Nationals and in his first revenge game, proved that he is definitely worth the money and will be very valuable for the Phillies success.

After 4 wins in a row, however, the team fell short against the Nats. But they have no reason to start despairing. Some performances lacked the usual quality of the players, like Aaron Nola – who was part of the 2018 National League All-Star.

Nevertheless, as they are still to win the NLCS in this decade, the Phillies will certainly get back to their game and keep the successful season. This is why that, at BetVictor, their MLB National League winner odds (+450) are very high.

The Brewers might finally succeed at the MLB National League winner odds

The Milwaukee Brewers have the best win-loss record (6-1) across all 3 divisions of the league, so far. They are still waiting to win their first National League and World Series and have been striving to do so in recent years. But now it seems that their luck might change.

2019 Major League Baseball Betting Predictions Milwaukee Brewers
Home field of the Milwaukee Brewers

Since 2015 that Craig Counsell is gradually improving his team’s performance. In the first two years, the coach’s work started to show results. In 2017, he finished 2nd in the National League Central Division. And last year the Brewers won the NLCD, despite losing to the LA Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.

This year, he expects to outdo the previous seasons and their odds are +700 at online sportsbook sites in Canada.

The Cardinals have a winning team according to the 2019 Major League Baseball Betting Predictions

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful teams in baseball. And this season they are showing a really good form.

This might be due to the fact that the Cardinals’ team this season is very strong. They have the rising star Harrison Bader, whose speed will be a valuable element to add to the team. And Alex Reyes seems to finally be back, after two years of surgeries. His debut season made him one of the best pitching prospects in baseball. But in the last couple of years, due to those injuries, he was only able to score 27 innings, as opposed to the 46 in 2016

Now, he already showed that his pitching skills are still intact and hit 98 mph in his early outings. So, the Midwest franchise, with a top-class set of pitchers – along with Andrew Miller and Jordan Hicks – is certainly one of the teams to fear this season. Their MLB National League winner odds are +800 at BetVictor.

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