2019 Man Booker International Prize Predictions: Author Annie Ernaux Expected to Receive the Distinction

  • Annie Ernaux’ acclaimed The Years might win the award
  • 2019 Man Booker International Prize predictions show that the competition is tight
  • The leading nominations address historical events
019 Man BOoker International Prize predictions Annie Ernaux
Annie Ernaux is favored by 2019 Man BOoker International Prize predictions

Earlier this month, the long list of one of the most prestigious literary awards was announced. The final decision will be revealed on the 21st of May in the UK. The 2019 Man Booker International Prize predictions are leading to the appraisal of Annie Ernaux, with her book The Years.

Every Year, the advisory committee awards the best English-language novel. It is one of the most important prizes in the British culture and winning authors usually thrive internationally. This is why that, in 2004, the Man Group established a category that distinguishes the best work in fiction internationally. Ever since 9 authors who have had their work translated in English have won the high-profile award.

The memoir that became an important historical document of France

The Years was written by Annie Ernaux and it was first published in 2008 in France. Only  11 years passed since it first came to the public, but it is already a contemporary classic. At the time, The Years received critical acclaimed and was a best-seller.

Here, Annie Ernaux writes a memoir from 1940, the year of her birth, until 2006. Despite the autobiographical tone, she leaves the first person behind and takes on a collective approach. This way, and with her recollections throughout the years, she provides an important look at the French Society and a portray of a generation.

Among many awards, The Years won the Françoise-Mauriac Prize of the Académie Francaise in 2008, as well as the Marguerite Duras Prize the same year. In 2016, it won the Premio Strega Europeo. Due to the book’s success, Annie Ernaux is close to getting another international award and her odds are 6.50 at 22BET Sportsbook.

An avant-garde writer trying to decode love

Can Xue, the pen name of Deng Xiaohua, is of the most important writers in contemporary China. Her latest novel Love in the New Millenium is probably her most ambitious work to date.

The novel follows a group of men and women in an industrialized city in China. Living far from their ancestral villages, they search for meaning and love. With a dreamlike style and strange scenarios, Xue attempts to cover the many aspects of love, such as tragedy, irony or ephemerality.

The experimental writer never had an easy life and still needs to fight against the disdain of some Chinese writers and critics. This is mainly because of her gender, but she has certainly found a place in the West for her stories. The writer (7.00) can become the second Asian winner of this year’, according to online sportsbook sites in France.

2019 Man Booker International Prize predictions are favorable to The Faculty of Dreams

Sara Stridsberg’s novel was published in 2006 in Sweden and one year later won the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize.

The Faculty of Dreams is about the radical feminist Valerie Solanas, the writer of the “SCUM Manifesto”. Solanas died as a result of pneumonia in her room at the Bristol Hotel in San Francisco.

2019 Man Booker International Prize predictions Sara Stridsberg
Sara has a chance to win

Stridsberg’s interest in her life wasn’t something new. In 2003, she translated the Manifesto to Swedish. A few years after, she went further to unveil that mysterious woman that became known for shooting Andy Wharol. In The Faculty of Dreams, she explores Solanas in an imaginative way, trying to bring some understanding to a woman who struggled throughout her life with mental instability.

Famous for the discomfort she creates in the reader, she is one of the most important figures in contemporary Swedish literature. Her odds of taking the award home are 7.00 at 22BET Sportsbook.

The reminiscences of the past in the new generations

Alia Trabucco Zerán’s debut novel, The Remainder, was met with critical acclaim in Chile, winning Best Unpublished Literary Work in 2014, which is awarded by the Chilean Council for the Arts. El Pais also chose it as one of the top ten debuts of 2015

The novel follows Felipe, Iquela and Paloma, three young friends who start a journey through the Andes Cordillera. Paloma’s mother died, but the body is in Argentina and she wants to bury her in Chile. Throughout the road trip, there are flashbacks of their activist parents. This brings into light how Pinochet’s dictatorship still lingers on the children’s lives. 

Zerán follows the path of Chilean authors such as Isabel Allende, Jose Donoso and Pedro Lemebel who wrote about life under Pinochet’s leadership. However, she now gives a voice to the new generation that needs to deal with the aftermath of the regime. Online sportsbook news sites in France show that The Remainder is one of the biggest surprises in literature in recent years. This is why it (7.00) might win the 2019 Man Booker International Prize.

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