2020/2021 Top UCL Fantasy Strikers On a Budget


Posted: November 24, 2020

Updated: November 24, 2020

  • Alassane Pléa is among this season’s quality fantasy striker without a hefty price tag
  • Other top budget-friendly strikers to consider are Ousmane Dembélé, Moussa Marenga and more

Without a doubt, picking the most valuable forwards to complete a squad can give any fantasy manager a major headache. Fortunately, with our guide, we’ve picked out top UCL Fantasy strikers on a budget to build this season’s ultimate team. 

UCL is back and fantasy managers will once again have to make tough decisions when it comes to player selections. Undoubtedly, picking players for the forward line always puts managers under a lot of pressure when playing on FanTeam

According to our Champions League Fantasy for real money guide, managers would ideally be looking to select premium strikers. However, these players such as Messi, come at a hefty price range from €9.5m to €12m. 

However, there are quality UCL Fantasy strikers on a budget that fantasy managers can consider without breaking the bank.

ucl fantasy strikers on a budget
Alassane Pléa in 2013 – Image source: Sebleouf, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alassane Pléa is a top pick among the quality UCL Fantasy strikers on a budget  

Presently, Alassane Pléa is one of the affordable quality players that fantasy managers simply cannot ignore. What’s more, the Borussia Mönchengladbach striker is currently the top points scorer and is going for an attractive price of just €8m. 

Without a doubt, Pléa is turning a lot of heads this season in the Champions League. According to the online daily fantasy sports news in the EU, this to his 18 points haul against Shakhtar Donetsk. Although it’s still early days in the UCL season, the striker is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Consequently, Pléa is a must-have in terms of quality UCL Fantasy stickers on a budget for FanTeam players. 

More affordable quality 2021 UEFA Champions strikers to consider  

Furthermore, Ousmane Dembélé is also proving that budget forwards are worth the selection when playing online daily fantasy sports in the EU. This season, the Barcelona striker is also a cheaper alternative to the likes of Ronaldo at €8.1m. 

Furthermore, with Barcelona likely to advance to the knockout stages, Dembélé is also a must-have after racking up 16 points. Despite not getting much game time, Dembélé has so far contributed to Barcelona success with two goals and one assist. 

Next, Moise Kean is also another striker to consider on a budget when playing on 2021 UCL Fantasy on FanTeam. Presently, Kean is proving to be a top budget pick after accumulating 15 points from one goal and one assist. 

Consequently, the PSG striker is a good affordable alternative in the front line with a price tag at just €7m. Lastly, another striker to consider this season on a budget is Porto’s Moussa Marenga. 

Presently, the striker has accumulated 13 points after providing one assist and one goal to Porto’s two UCL victories. Fortunately, with Porto likely to advance to the knockout stage, he’s an affordable option on the front line at €8.1m.

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