2020 BritBox Predictions: Bet on the Most Watched Show in the UK

  • 2020 BritBox betting odds are available
  • Doctor Who's 12 season tipped to be a season-opening hit
  • Love Island returns with a winter season
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Have yourself a merry little Britmas! BritBox is not only gearing up for the Christmas countdown but also looks forward to presenting the installments to favorite TV series and reality shows. The local bookmakers already offer 2020 BritBox predictions over the most-watched show of the upcoming year.

As we approach the Christmas festivities, the streaming services get ready to receive an upturn in peak time rates. The BritBox, the new streaming service from the BBC and ITV, is in the run as well. Netflix’s main opponent on the UK market is set to present the greatest Christmas TV line-up to the subscribers. However, digital video service has the best content coming next year. With the new seasons of the popular shows hitting the screens in 2020, the online sportsbooks in the UK have related markets in place.

2020 BritBox Predictions
Doctor Who 4.50
Downton Abbey 4.50
Love Island 6.00

“Doctor Who” leads the 2020 BritBox predictions

Every household in Britain has its traditions on Christmas Day and New Year Eve. Some dive into presents before turkey, others celebrate it with friends in public places. Nevertheless, the most special part of the day is when people gather around the TV for the show line-up. Betway Sportsbook oddsmakers tip “Doctor Who” to be 2020 BritBox on-demand show right away. 

Following a year of shootings, the twelfth season of the British sci-fi TV series is set to premiere on January 1. It will include two-part stories for the first time since the tenth series. The show also will be succeeded by a special episode. The storyline is about a Time Lord called “The Doctor” who travels through space and time to fight the evil of the universe.

Usually, BBC is secretive on forthcoming seasons and the viewers have no clue about the plot or the cast. Jodie Whittaker will reprise the role as the Thirteenth Doctor. Albeit it’s only her second run, the online gambling sites in the UK have a market on her successor.

“Downton Abbey” still looks inviting

British historical drama TV series “Downton Abbey” has been a fan favorite since it first aired on ITV September 2010. The show has received acclaim from critics and won numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy Awards. It was the most-watched television series on both ITV and PBS. Judging by the 4.50 odds rate, it is expected to break the BritBox streaming records as well.

2020 BritBox predictions
The lovely cast of Downton Abbey – Image source: Flickr

The showrunners have ended the series with the sixth season in 2015 with the final episode, serving as a Christmas special. They say to never underestimate the power of a “Downton Abbey” fan and rightly so. In 2019, a film adaptation of the series premiered and became a major box office success.

Although there is no related project coming anytime soon, the producers are seriously considering making a sequel. For now, the 2020 BritBox predictions are directed to the original series.

Love Island embarks on full promotion

One of the most controversial and racy reality shows from the British broadcasters is preparing for an early 2020 run. Following the final of the fifth season, ITV announced that two series of Love Island would air next year. The first one will take place in January and the second show – in the traditional summer slot.

A round of high ratings from a new villa in South Africa is a given. On the other hand, the 6.00 odds rate at the Betway Sportsbook pinpoints the doubt the bookies have concerning the streaming success. In the latest years, the show’s scandalous and staged format has drawn a flurry of complaints. Following the deaths of several former contestants, the audience has become even more attentive to the narrative.

Despite that, the promotional mill has been set in the motion with the host Caroline Flack under the spotlight. Recently the presenter faced abuse allegations and was charged with assault by beating. The rumor has it the ITV bosses contemplate replacing her with last season’s contestant Maura Higgins. If you intend to follow the 2020 BritBox predictions, make sure to check our latest review about Betway Sportsbook.

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