2020 Club Friendly Football Predictions – Five Most-Awaited Matches


Posted: September 10, 2020

Updated: September 10, 2020

  • Club Friendlies 2020 is in its full flow
  • Five interesting matches are coming this fall
  • Barcelona, Real, and more: bet on your favorites!

The 2020 Club Friendly football predictions are out. Check betting odds on the most interesting matches of the season and pick your favorite. What games you shouldn’t miss? Who will score the most? We know all the answers.

Club Friendlies 2020 are in their full flow. Although many interesting matches have already passed, there are still some matchups to follow this September. We will highlight five most awaited games coming soon along with betting odds on favorites. Feel free to check them at online sportsbooks in Spain as well.

Club Friendly football predictions: top-5 matches to follow in September 2020

There are many domestic club friendly matches scheduled for September 2020. Obviously, watching them all is quite difficult as most will be broadcast simultaneously. Therefore, we have figured out what games are of the biggest fans’ interest both on forums and betting sites. Here is the top-5:

  • Bologna v Entella – 12.09 at 3 pm;
  • Barcelona v Gimnastic – 12.09 at 7 pm;
  • Real Madrid v Getafe – 15.09 at 7 pm;
  • Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao – 18.09 at 5:30 pm;
  • Notts Co v Boston Utd – 22.09 at 8:30 pm.

All the betting odds on the following matches will be available at Bet365 Sportsbook closer to the dates. Meanwhile, let’s see who can be the winner in each pair and why these matches are the most awaited among football fans.

Bologna v Entella

The first interesting match within Club Friendlies 2020 is Bologna v Virtus Entella. It will take place on September 12 at 3 pm (CEST), so save the date! The competition between two Italian clubs from different leagues is quite interesting to watch. While Bologna finished 12th in the 2019/20 Serie A, its next rival was 13th in the last season of Serie B. Obviously, the odds will be favoring the club from Bologna, but the match total score is not as predictable. Who knows how many will Bologna score: two or five? Make your predictions.

Barcelona v Gimnastic

Another intriguing match is coming on the same day. On September 12, Barcelona will play against Gimnastic at 7 pm. Although the outcome of the game is pretty obvious, this is not the thing that makes fans look forward to the match. Supposedly, the Barca v Gimnastic match will be the first after Leo Messi’s decision to stay with the club of his life. It hasn’t been announced yet whether Messi will play or not, but fans hope for the good.

Club Friendly football predictions
Are you betting?

Just to remind you, Messi wanted to quit Barcelona after a series of defeats last season with the 2-8 loss to Bayern as a cherry on top. His decision causes a big scandal involving several clubs willing to sign Lionel and Bartomeu asking for a 700 million euro release clause. In order not to take legal actions against the club, Messi decided to stay for one more year.

Real Madrid v Getafe 

Spanish Club Friendly football predictions touch upon two other future rivals – Real Madrid and Getafe. The clubs will play on September 15, so don’t forget to check online gambling sites in Spain at least a day prior to the game. 

Some fans already call the outcome quite predictable as it will be the match between the reigning La Liga champions and the 8th place holder. However, the reigning champion of the EPL, Liverpool, has recently lost the match against Arsenal in the new season and played 2-2 in the Friendlies against Red Bull. So, everything is possible. 

Club Friendly football predictions
Let’s play!

Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao 

The Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao match will take place on September 18, so save the date if you look forward to Spanish Friendlies. The game between last year’s 4 and 11 place holders is awaited by fans as the outcome is not as predictable as it may seem. According to the earliest Club Friendly football predictions, there can be a draw between Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao. If you want to bet on a total score apart from the winner, check Bet365 Sportsbook.

Notts Co v Boston Utd

Bet365 Sportsbook odds on the Notts Co v Boston Utd match will appear closer to the date. The game is scheduled for September 22, 8:30 pm (CEST). The only Friendlies with the participation of English clubs, the match is expected to be won by Notts Co as the club belongs to the higher league. In 2019/20, it placed 3rd in the National League, while its future rival was third in its low division – NL North. So, if you would like to bet on the winner, choose Notts Co at Bet365 and win some money.

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