History of Scratchcards: From Offline to Online Lotteries


Posted: September 10, 2020

Updated: September 10, 2020

  • Compared to other casino games, scratchcards are relatively new in the world of gambling.
  • Nevertheless they are very popular and have found their place in casinos around the world.
  • In this article, we will take a look at the history of scratchcards.

Compared to other casino games, scratchcards are relatively new in the world of gambling. There are many games with a history dating back centuries, such as poker, lotteries, and even baccarat. However, scratchcards have only been with us for over 40 years. Nevertheless, despite this, they are very popular and have found their place in casinos around the world. In this article, we will take a look at the history of scratchcards.

After their appearance in the 70s of the last century, scratch cards have become incredibly popular entertainment for many people. And it is not surprising! After all, it is only required of the player to buy a card, erase the protective layer, and get the result. Besides, if you play scratchcards on the Internet, you just need to visit online gambling sites in the USA. 

Description of the game

Scratchcards are a type of instant lottery where you can win by buying a ticket and erasing the special cover. The main advantage of the game is that the player does not need to wait for the day of the lottery. Thus, the result is clear on the spot. The most pleasant part also remains in the online casino. Here erasing the top layer of the ticket is done with the mouse. Various types of scratch cards have evolved over the years. At first, almost all of them were lottery cards. They were also called “instant” lotteries. Thus, instead of waiting for a TV show or the results of a national lottery, the card immediately showed the win. Since then, they have become more diverse.

Often cards are issued for special events. For example, during the Olympic Games, a series of cards were issued on the theme of various competitions. Besides, scratchcards quickly made their way into online casinos in the USA. Indeed, already in 2010 gamblers played them on the web. The programs that produce them use a random number generator (RNG) like the one in slot machines to ensure fair play for everyone. How online scratch cards work depends on the programs that they also use for the slots. While they are usually much simpler than regular slot machines, they do offer great prizes, rewards, and endless fun.

history of scratchcards
Feeling lucky?

Online scratchcards are not going anywhere shortly. Indeed, they have gained immense popularity among players, and are also a great way to relax while making real money. Moreover, the theme of scratchcards each time surprises with its creativity and infinite variety. Let’s take a closer look at the history of scratchcards to better understand how to win on them!

History of scratchcards

Even though the lottery has existed since time immemorial, scratchcards have arisen relatively recently – in 1974. Back then two Americans decided to create special lottery tickets with a coating that can be erased with a coin. Later, a Scientific Games corporation appeared led by John Koza. The earliest scratch cards were covered with a layer of foil, which prevented numbers and symbols from being seen until scratched. However, the technology for the production of cards has improved a lot since that time. Nowadays, the most common way of darkening numbers is a multi-layer resin and applying patterns that overlap each other. In this way, even if you bring such a card to the light, it is impossible to see the numbers or symbols.

This is how the first “The Instant Game” appeared, which in English means instant game. In the same year, 1974, the Massachusetts Instant Lottery took place, where funds were raised for the municipality using scratch cards. Afterward, other states took this idea, and later entire countries. Besides, they patented the scratchcard technology which is used to this day not only in gambling but also in the banking and telecommunications sectors.

The modern history of scratchcards

The second wave of popularity of scratchcards came with the emergence of online casinos in 2010. Thus it became easier to conduct lotteries. Now players can buy tickets without leaving their homes. Besides, most types of scratchcards resemble slots, as they have a playing field and control panel with a similar set of buttons. Before the start of each drawing, the participant is given a choice of a bet in a wide range. Afterward, one can play by rubbing the purchased scratchcards.

history of scratchcards
Let’s get 3 in a row!

Since the game is interactive, the draws are accompanied by colorful graphics and music. This fact and the guaranteed objectivity of the results are undeniable arguments in favor of scratchcards over other types of lotteries. The number of winnings earned if you play scratch cards online will depend on the amount of the initial combination option that will be behind the erased cover. There are no general rules of the game, so each manufacturer can use its solutions. The history of scratchcards shows how the game developed for real!

Nowadays, winning cards are determined by software based on data from RNG, which gambling commissions thoroughly test before the game becomes available in online casinos in the USA. Read our tips on How To Win On Scratch Cards Online before starting the game. And those who want to try different kinds of gambling can always visit the Intertops Casino. Here, the customers will also have a chance to make real money in no time. Check it out yourself!

Advantages of playing scratchcards online

One of the many advantages of playing online scratchcards is that when gambling for real money, you choose the size of your bet. There is no fixed price like on paper scratchcards bought from a local store or lottery office. You can play the online version of this game whenever you want and you don’t have to go to the store for a ticket. Additionally, if you win, you will receive your money immediately without going anywhere. As you play in online casinos in the USA from our, you can rest assured that all scratchcard games have been developed by leading providers using an RNG. In this way, the game is fair.

But what is the point of playing scratch cards online if the winning depends entirely on luck and you don’t need playing skills? The answer to this question is: it’s always worth trying! Besides, as you have learned from the history of scratchcards, providers have created many different interesting themes and ways to win for you. Read our article about What You Should Know Before You Buy Lottery Scratch Cards Online and start making real money in a click of your mouse. You can also visit the Intertops Casino for a bigger variety of games. Good luck!

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