2020 Finlandia Prize Odds: Best Fiction Top Nominees


Posted: November 13, 2020

Updated: November 13, 2020

  • Tommi Kinnunen’s Ei kertonut katuvansa is the top Best Fiction 2020 nominee
  • Heikki Kännö’s novel Runoilija also among top contenders for the elite Finnish literature honour

Once again, the Finlandia Prize ceremony will be live to celebrate the top literature works of Finnish authors. This time around, Tommi Kinnunen’s book Ei kertonut katuvansa leads the Best Fiction nomination with leading 2020 Finlandia Prize odds.

The 2020 Finlandia Prize ceremony will be live on 25 November at the Villa Ivan Falin in Helsinki, Finland. Presently, author Tommi Kinnunen leads the 2020 Finlandia Prize nominations for Best Fiction for his book Ei kertonut katuvansa (Defiance).

Let’s how the book’s 2020 Finlandia Prize odds stand against the other top Best Fiction nominees on Unibet Sportsbook:

Novel Odds
Tommi Kinnunen: Ei kertonut katuvansa 2.75
Heikki Kännö: Runoilija 3.00
Ritva Hellsten: Raija 4.00
Anni Kytömäki: Margarita 5.0

Ei kertonut katuvansa (Defiance) leads with top 2020 Finlandia Prize odds to win Best Fiction title

2020 Finlandia Prize odds
Let’s bet!

Presently, Unibet Sportsbook points towards a Best Fiction win for Tommi Kinnunen’s novel Ei kertonut katuvansa or Defiance. However, it’s no surprise that the author’s novel stands a good chance of claiming the prestigious Finlandia Prize.

According to the online sportsbook news in Finland, Tommi Kinnunen is one of the nation’s most beloved authors. This is thanks to his previous works such as his debut novel Where Four Roads Meet which dominated the Finnish charts.

He then went on to grace readers with more best-selling stories with The Light Behind the Eyes and The Glass River. Now, Defiance which touches on themes such as the, loss of self-identity during WWII has also been well received.

Consequently, the Kinnunen’s novel will be a safe bet with 2020 Finlandia Prize odds at 2.75.

More top contenders eyeing the 2020 Finlandia Prize Best Fiction win

Next, Heikki Kännö’s novel Runoilija (Poet) has the second-best 2020 Finlandia Prize odds of claiming the Best Fiction award. Once again, Kännö has impressed readers with his fourth novel which takes readers through a crazy 1888 murder mystery adventure.

Overall, the historical fiction novel has was a hit with both critics and fans. In particular, Kännö has been praised for his ability to fully captivate and fully immersive readers in Runoilija. Consequently, Runoilija poses a promising candidate for the Best Fiction novel odds at 3.00.

Furthermore, Ritva Hellsten’s Raija is among the Best Fiction nominees with promising odds of winning on Unibet Sportsbook. In Raija (4.00), Hellsten pays homage to her late sister writer sister Raija Siekkinen. Overall, Hellsten received a lot of praise for beautifully honouring the life and literature accomplishments of Raija Siekkinen.

Presently, stands a good chance on the online sportsbooks in Finland to be honoured for the tribute. Lastly, author Anni Kytömäki has also received a nomination for the prestigious 2020 Best Fiction Finlandia Prize for her novel Margarita. 

Unsurprisingly, Kytömäki’s has been described as a literary gem by the Finlandia Prize jury. After such a review, she’ll be looking to seal the deal with the Best Fiction win with odds at 5.00.

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