Best Multiplayer Casino Games To Play in 2021


Posted: November 13, 2020

Updated: November 13, 2020

  • List of the best multiplayer casino games to play in 2021
  • Poker, slots and more: find a game fitting your taste
  • Play with friends from home and win real money

Do you want to gamble with your friends without traveling to Las Vegas? Nowadays, it is possible with the help of online multiplayer games. Regardless of your gambling preferences, you will find everything – from poker to slots – on our list of the best multiplayer casino games in 2021.

Online gambling has always been a great possibility of earning money and having fun. In recent years, it has also become an excellent communication tool. Many online casinos provide live gambling and multiplayer games to play; they help you to enjoy gambling and combine it with interaction. While everything is clear with live games, let’s see what is so special about multiplayer games.

A multiplayer casino game – what is it?

Before playing some of the best multiplayer casino games, let’s check what it actually means. In terms of gambling, a multiplayer game is a casino game in which more than one person can play in the same environment. All the players place bets and are in the same conditions during the game. It can be slots, poker, blackjack, or any other gambling game you play to win money.

It took time for multiplayer casino games to appear at online casinos in Spain. In fact, they are one of the newest picks at gambling sites as technologies at first online casinos didn’t allow multiplayer function. Luckily, it is possible to play online casino games with other players nowadays.

best multiplayer casino games
Are you spinning?

Tournaments are the most popular online multiplayer games, however, there are also various apps allowing up to 6 people to play alongside each other. Scroll down to see what multiplayer games you can play from home with your friends.

Top slot games with a multiplayer function

There are many games for slot fans who want to play with friends online. Most of the slots are classic-themed and can be accessed at Betway Casino. However, you can also play less trivial slot games at online casinos – Slot in Slots is one of them.

Slot in Slots is one of the best multiplayer casino games to play in 2021. This HD social gambling game allows players to compete with each other in a virtual casino. As it is clear from the game’s name, your virtual character enters a casino to play slot machines and win more than other “visitors”. All you have to do is sign up for Betway, choose who to play for, and spin the reels!

Slotomania is another popular gambler’s pick at online casinos. Yet it is not as great as Slot in Slots, keen players can still try it to reach a new experience.

Best multiplayer casino games for poker fans

Probably, the widest variety of multiplayer games are available for poker players. Would you like to play Texas Hold’Em or multi hand poker? Regardless of your preferences, you will find games that fit your taste. While playing casino games online, remember to follow basic safe gambling tips to avoid problems with frauds.

There are numerous poker apps to choose from if you want to play with friends. Some of them are Governor of Poker, Goodgame Poker, Classic Hold’Em, Texas Hold’Em, and more. To play one of these social games, invite friends, create virtual characters, and do your best to reach the final round and win real money.

Other great gambling games to play with friends

If you are not interested either in poker or slots, check some other multiplayer casino games to play for real money. Blackjack fans, roulette players, and bingo players can also find good picks at online gambling sites in Spain.


To play blackjack with friends online, choose the same-name game in the multiplayer section. The Blackjack app allows you to play with real people in real-time, but this isn’t it. An additional feature in the Blackjack multiplayer game is the temporary table, which allows you to finish your round in case of connection failure.

best multiplayer casino games
Let’s play!


If your favorite gambling game is baccarat, you can also find it among the best multiplayer casino games. In particular, Multiplayer Baccarat by Betixon is considered the best game among all baccarat varieties. Yet it doesn’t offer fancy visuals or 3D effects, this is a great opportunity to play with friends to win money.


Roulette fans can enjoy the game known as Roleta at some casino sites. This multiplayer roulette game allows you and your friends to make bets on the wheel pockets simultaneously. For now, only European roulette can be played for real money, but more variations are expected to arrive in 2021.


Finally, there are online Bingo games to play with friends. Bingo players are free to choose between three top games: Bingo, Bingo Gamepoint, and Bingo Pop. Each game is worth attention, so just check which one is available at Betway Casino for PCs and smartphones.

In addition, you can find such multiplayer games as Dominoes, Royal Dice, and Wild Blooms at online casinos.

You can discover more about Betway Casino here.

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