2020 French Open Winner Odds- After the Australian Open

  • Based on the odds Rafael Nadal is the shoo-in
  • Despite his high odds Novac Djokovic is also a potential
  • You can Wager on the 2020 French Open at Unibet
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Now that the 2020 Australian Open is over, the tennis fans are left with the clay games to entertain themselves until May. Roland-Garros this year will take place in Paris, France from the 24th of May till Jun 7th. Novak Djokovic is facing some health issues and Andy Murray would possibly miss the game due to his injury. With these happening, Rafael Nadal has the highest 2020 French Open winner odds at protecting his championship.

The final game of the Australian Open 2020 was drama-filled, to say the least. Dominic Thiem, an underdog nobody has expected to see in the finals has made quite the competition for the 17 times grand slam champion Novac Djokovic. He has a 3.75 odd at 2020 French Open winner odds, which has lowered by at least a point due to his outburst in the finals.

 A threat to the French Open legend Rafael Nadal

 When it comes to French Open or Roland-Garros competition, Rafael Nadal is unbeatable. He has won 12 titles by now, which will only go higher from up here. With 1.80, 2020 French Open winner odds are obviously leaning towards him. Missing only 3 championships in the last 15 years, he’s going to be the fans’ favorite this year with no doubt. However, according to online sportsbooks in France, the underdog Dominic Thiem has a pretty good chance of breaking the strike.

 The 2020 Australian Open finalist Dominic Thiem has beaten Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals. He has beaten him four times before on Nadal’s preferred surface before. However, this was his first time defeating him in the Grand slam. He has lost to Nadal in the Grand finals twice before. 

 The 19 time Grand slam champion has done nothing but praise his competitor after the defeat. He has been repeatedly saying that Thiem was a very strong player and has been quite a competition for him.

 Andy Murray might miss the 2020 French open

 In his emotional press conference in 2018, Andy Murray has admitted that he might be forced to retire due to his injury. However, he has gone under a life-changing surgery that resurfaced his hip little under a year ago. Since then, he has won the European Open championship title in only the seventh tournament since his recovery.

 Earlier this year, he announced his withdrawal from the Australian Open due to his pelvic injury. Now, his coaches are advising him to miss out on the French open too. His former coach Alex Corretja advised him to pull his name out of the game, but still attend the European clay matches in order to get enough practice. 

 There’s no doubt that he’s urging to make his comeback in the Grand Slams. However, in order to recover fully from such heavy surgery, he has to be patient with himself. Attending Roland-Garros this year might become a cause of further complications in his injury. It might be best for him if he keeps himself out of the overtaxing tournaments and saves it for the Wimbledon 2020.

Novak Djokovic after the Australian Open title

 When Novak was given back-to-back time violations in the most important match of the Grand slam, he lost his cool. After the second penalty, which cost him the first serve, he went to the umpire Dumusois seat and tapped his foot twice. He told him “You made yourself famous in this match. Great job. Especially in the second one. Great job. You made yourself famous. Well done, man”. 

2020 French Open winner odds, sportsbooks, weird bets, betting odds, betting predictions, betting tips, online gambling sites in france, gamingzion, unibet, French Open, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Dominic Thiem
Novak Djokovic Image source: Edwin Martinez1 [CC BY]
 He received the penalty when the match was tied 4-4, and after that, he lost the second set. Considering the damage penalty has done for him, it’s quite easy to understand his sarcastic remark. Dumusois had not responded to him at the time, but it was possible for Novak to receive a fine of 20000 pounds. After filing a formal apology at the press conference, he was able to get out of the fine.

 Added to that, his frustration at the fans for cheering Thiem during the game shows how challenging the match was for him. He was heard saying “Shut the fuck up” to the fans during the first set when he felt that they were interrupting his serve.

 During the press conferences after the championship, he has admitted that he felt “dehydrated and dizzy”. He was able to pull himself together after getting some gels and plenty of water. The way he was behaving mentally and physically during the finals game is taking the points away from the 2020 French Open winner odds.

 Dominic Thiem has a pretty good 2020 French Open betting odds

 This 26 years old Austrian has been trying to get the Championship title in the Grand Slams for quite a few years now. It’s such an exciting time for tennis fans now. Three of the best players in the history of tennis are playing in the same era.  Rafael Nadal, the famous 33-year-old Spanish has won the French Open title 12 times. Novac Djokovic has won the Australian Open 8 times now. 

 That’s why it’s so hard for other players to breakthrough. However, Thiem has told the press that he hopes that he breaks his maiden in the Grand Slams championship while these three are still around. He said that even though it’s hard, he’s happy that he has a chance to play with them. And it would just “count more” for him.

In 2020 French Open winner odds, he has a 4.50 at Unibet and has made it into the top four. This is pretty exciting for him since the big three of the game was inevitable. However, if he’s going to win the Grand Slam and finally break out of the Big Three, he has to beat at least two of them.   

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