2020 Highest-Grossing Film Predictions: 5 Possible Box Office Hits Of The Year

  • What movie will gross the most in 2020?
  • A Marvel film or a comedy - choose your favorite!
  • 22Bet gives five films the best odds to top the box office
2020 highest-grossing film predictions

Despite the closure of cinemas for more than half a year, the 2020 highest-grossing film predictions are still here. Actually, betting on movies to top the worldwide box office list has never been easier as there are just a few contenders to choose from. This is your win-win opportunity to earn some cash, so check the top-5 right away!

2020 is probably the worst for moviemakers and big studios: since March, no films have been premiered in cinemas. Also, not many pictures are expected to be out this fall. For instance, Mulan skips big screens and goes directly to Disney+. However, all this didn’t stop online sportsbooks in Australia from making predictions about the highest-grossing films of the year. There is quite a modest number of movies to choose from – in fact, they are either past winter premieres or some upcoming newcomers – so let’s see who will top the list in 2020.

All 2020 highest-grossing film predictions

According to the 2020 highest-grossing film predictions, 5 films can top the list by the end of the year. One of them was released in January, the others are expected to be out this fall. So, what are the potential box office toppers in 2020?

Bad Boys For Life is currently on top

With 3.00 odds at the 22Bet Sportsbook, Bad Boys For Life is one of the most possible leaders in the world box office by the final results. The film is a threequel to the 1995 and 2003 action comedies starring Will Smith in the main role. Bad Boys III was released in January 2020 and became the highest-grossing film of the year so far. It earned around $200 million in the US and $214 million worldwide. In total, the film grossed $419 million which allowed it to top the list.

Interestingly, Bad Boys For Life received mostly negative reviews both from critics and viewers. Everything starting from the action and ending with Will Smith’s performance was disappointing in the threequel. So, if there will be no big premieres this year, Bad Boys III will be a box office topper with the lowest rate ever.

2020 highest-grossing film predictions
Bad Boys 2 was Will Smith’s big return – Image source: Flickr

2020 highest-grossing film predictions: Black Widow

Such long-awaited films as Black Widow can save the annual box office top from Bad Boys For Life aka the most profitable movie. The first and only Natasha Romanoff solo film was initially scheduled to come out in April 2020, but the premiere was canceled. Currently, the new Marvel movie is supposed to be out on November 6. Two months are enough for Scarlett Johansson and Co to gross more than $400 million and top the annual list. 

There are many reasons to bet on Black Widow with its 7.5 odds to top the annual box office list. Firstly, Marvel fans cannot wait for new superhero movies, especially following the original Avengers squad. Also, common viewers are hungry for any blockbusters to come out in cinemas. In addition, Natasha Romanoff is one of the most popular female characters in MCU, who played a significant role in the whole Avengers franchise. Finally, the great cast that includes Johansson, Florence Pugh, and Rachel Weisz is another strong reason to buy tickets. Of course, hope for Robert Downey’s cameo also count.

Wonder Woman 1984 or No Time To Die?

The two other potential box office hits share 11.00 odds at online gambling sites in Australia to be the number one this year. They are Wonder Woman 1984 – a sequel to the 2017 DC hit – and 25th James Bond film No Time To Die. Both films should have been out last spring but were rescheduled for the upcoming November. 

Wonder Woman 1984 has good chances to reach the top by 2020 highest-grossing film predictions. The first film about Diana Prince premiered in 2017 and grossed more than $800 million. It was a breakthrough in spite of prejudices about DC and being the first female superhero movie. Both critics and viewers liked Gal Gadot in the main role and admitted progress in making films based on DC comics. Therefore, the sequel has all chances to be on top.

2020 highest-grossing film predictions
Wonder Woman became a bigger success than everyone expected

As for No Time To Die, it will be the last James Bond film starring Daniel Craig aka 007. It is a good reason for the franchise fans to go to cinemas to see their favorite actor on the big screen. In addition, the supporting cast is absolutely great this time. It includes Rami Malek, Ana de Armas, Lea Seydoux, Jeffrey Wright, and Ralph Fiennes. What is more, Billie Eilish is singing the title song and we remember how it can influence the popularity of the film from Adele’s example. So, another billion-grossing James Bond film is coming!

Nolan’s Tenet has the best chances to top the list

Here comes the most possible topper of the 2020 box office. By the 22Bet Sportsbook and 1.50 odds, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will become the highest-grossing film of the year. The film has already been released in some countries, so it will be one of the first big premieres after the lockdown. In addition, the impressive cast and the director’s reputation can play a crucial role in bringing the film to the top.

The plot of Tenet is still a big secret, but 8.1/10 points at IMDB show that viewers like the new Nolan’s masterpiece. Although critics are a bit less excited, the film will definitely gross a lot. If you think that Tenet will be number one, use the 2020 highest-grossing film predictions to bet on it.

You can also bet on Tenet to win some Oscars at the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony that will take place in April 2021.

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