Black Widow

Cinemas are now open again and big blockbusters have returned to the big screen. Even though they might not earn such amounts as before. But films like F9, Black Widow or Dune can still bring lots of money for their makers, just like the new Tom Cruise movies. Let’s see what else can do well this year so you can bet on the highest grossing films in the US.  ... read more

This year, the situation with the movie premieres seems to be much better. Godzilla v Kong has just hit big screens, while more films are expected to be released soon. However, predictions about the highest grossing film in 2021 have already appeared. Which movie has the best chances to top the box office in the US and in the world?  ... read more

Despite the closure of cinemas for more than half a year, the 2020 highest-grossing film predictions are still here. Actually, betting on movies to top the worldwide box office list has never been easier as there are just a few contenders to choose from. This is your win-win opportunity to earn some cash, so check the top-5 right away! ... read more

Though the release of new films including the most recent blockbusters have been delayed, you can still bet on the highest grossing film of 2020. Most of the favorites will be released during the summer, in our list you already read about them and make a bet on the winner.  ... read more

This spring, three empowering films with strong female leads are out in cinemas, if only coronavirus won’t stop them. These pictures must improve feminism in novelty bets and hit the US box office, but which will come first? What film will have the biggest opening weekend in North America? ... read more

Have you already missed Scarlett Johansson’s iconic character since the tragic events of Endgame have taken place? If yes, Black Widow betting odds on new challenges for Natasha Romanoff is what you need right now to feel better. ... read more