Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye Predictions After The First Trailer

  • Marvel’s Hawkeye will premiere on November 24, 2021
  • The first trailer of the series has been already released
  • What should we expect from the superhero series?
Marvel Studios' Hawkeye predictions

Earlier this month, we had a glimpse at Hawkeye – a new superhero series from MCU. What should we expect from the TV show that will be out this fall? Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye predictions have changed after watching the first trailer.

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This fall, Marvel Studios, and Disney+ are going to delight their fans with Hawkeye – a television miniseries named after the superhero from Avengers. The series will premiere on November 24, 2021. So, following the official information, it will consist of six episodes. Starring Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton (a.k.a. Hawkeye), the series is one of the most awaited premieres of the year. So, release of the first trailer contributed to its rising popularity among fans and bookies at online sportsbooks in Australia. Let’s try to predict what will happen in Hawkeye.

What did we learn from the Hawkeye trailer?

The first trailer of Hawkeye was released on September 13. Thanks to it, Marvel fans got a general idea of what to expect from the TV series. First and most importantly, Hawkeye is packed with Christmas references, so it may become a perfect family show for holidays.

Taking place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye focuses on Clint Barton’s everyday life. The hero wants to reunite with his family for Christmas but has to solve an unexpected problem first. So, the problem bears Kate Bishop’s name and has Hailee Steinfeld’s face. Bishop is a young archer and Clint’s biggest fan who dreams of becoming a superhero. Barton must take charge of her and face his past at the same time to secure himself a place at a Christmas table.

Since the moment of its release, Hawkeye’s trailer was watched by 15 million people and became a hot topic for discussion. One of the latest Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye predictions touches upon the success of the series. So, according to the predictions, the show can become the highest-rated Marvel series in 2021 and receive a couple of nominations for the Emmys next year. So, you can bet on Hawkeye to win awards at 22Bet. Meanwhile, let’s see what can happen in the series and who we will see in lead roles.

All Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye predictions

Based on the Hawkeye trailer, it is clear that the series will focus on Barton’s relationship with Kate Bishop. As we have already mentioned, Hailee Steinfeld was cast for Bishop’s role, while Renner is back as Hawkeye. Following the original comics, the young woman becomes a new Hawkeye but will the show follow it? Anyway, you can bet on Kate Bishop to take Barton’s place in the final episode at 22Bet Sportsbook.

Probably, the biggest interest regarding Hawkeye focused on Barton’s connection with Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff’s adopted sister. As one can remember from the Black Widow post-credit scene, Valentina Allegra suggested that Barton is guilty of Romanoff’s death. It’s unclear if Florence Pugh will appear on the series as Yelena Belova but it is highly possible. Supposedly, Belove will appear in Hawkeye to avenge her sister. At online gambling sites in Australia, you can bet on this plot twist as well as other Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye predictions about the series. Follow the series premiere on Disney+ this November.

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