2020 A-League Betting Predictions: Who is Going to Boss the Show Next Year

  • Sydney FC has all chances to defend their champion’s title
  • Two clubs from Melbourn share the second-highest odds
2020 A-League Betting Predictions
Can Sidney FC defend their title?

2020 A-League betting predictions are in their full flow. Australian football league had recently qualified its winner of 2019 but fans are not going to stop the party. The newest bettings on the next season are already here. See the first predictions on who is going to take FC Sydney’s crown in 2020.

There are Perth Glory and both Melbourn FCs among the top favorites. The reigning champions also have good odds to defend their title. Check the latest review about bet365 to find more options on betting on the other teams.

2020 A-League betting predictions: top-4 teams, who are the most likely to win

The next A-League championship will start on October, 11, and will finish in the mid-May 2020. According to online sportsbook news in Australia, betting on the Grand final has already started. The bookmakers can make the earliest predictions on the further winner of the Australian football league.

Sydney FC won the A-League in season 2018/19

The reigning champions have one of the best odds on their victory – 4/1. Last season, Sydney FC scored four goals in the gates of Perth Glory during the penalty shoot-out and won their fourth A-League title. 56,371 viewers witnessed their victory in the Grand final of the Australian football league. 

2020 A-League Betting Predictions
Tony Popovic (Macktheknifeau at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
On their way to the victory, Sydney beat Melbourne Victory (6:1) who initially was the favorite of the A-league. This unexpected match was a fortune for all those who bet on the Boys in Blue. In the 2019/20 season, the team remains one of the favorites and is reliable to bet on as well.

By 2020 A-League betting predictions, both FCs from Melbourne can take the cup

Melbourne City FC has reached 5th place in this year’s A-League. This fact does not stop football fans from staying optimistic during the next season. Betting odds on the Erik Mombaerts’ Citizens are following the favorites by their feet – 5/1 on Bet365 Sportsbook,

Another team from Melbourne, Boys in Blue, has finished this year’s A-League with a bronze medal. According to fans’ earliest predictions, Victory will not hit the ground in 2020 and the betting odds confirm their words. By 2020 A-League betting predictions, odds of 5/1 are too good to bet on the team.

Perth Glory FC has one of the highest odds on its victory

Perth Glory stood one step behind the goal this year: Tony Popovic’s team lost the penalty series to the Sydney FC in the Grand Final. According to online sportsbooks in Australia, Perth Glory is likely to recoup next year with one of the highest betting odds of 4/1. The team had already won the title in the 2018/19 season but was unlucky enough to lose by penalties this year. 

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