2020 LEN Women’s Euro League Bets: Can the Russian Team Beat the Mediterranean Clubs?

  • Top eight women’s water polo teams are left in the Euro League
  • They will meet in the quarter-finals in February 2020
  • Russian team, Kinef are top favorite to win the cup

In the Euro League, which is the premier competition of women’s water polo clubs, only eight teams are still standing. They will meet in the quarter-finals this weekend, so it is time to check the 2020 LEN Women’s Euro League bets and put some money on your favorite. 

The tournament is running since 1987. Even though its name changed a few times, it is still the top league for women European Waterpolo. Just like in the Men’s competition,  we can find Italian, Spanish and Greek teams in the favorites. But we have the addition of a Russian club, Kinef-Surgutneftegaz who is the top favorite to win the tournament. Spanish team Sabadell is the reigning champion and can also defend the title,  with other teams having similar chances. 

Kinef are the favorite in the 2020 LEN Women’s Euro League bets

Even though Russian men water polo hasn’t got too many successes in recent years, the ladies are doing much better.  They finished third on the last Olympics and also got the bronze medals in the world championship in Hungary in 2017. More recently, they finished as a runner-up in the 2020 Women’s Water Polo European Championship behind SpainKinef is another example of the women’s successes with winning the Euro League twice in the last three years. Even though last year they were not so convincing as they lost in the quarter-final against Greek side NC Vouliagmeni. Online sportsbooks in Russia are still expecting Kinef to claim back the title, they offer the odds of 3.50 for their win. 

In the 2020 LEN Women’s Euro League bets we also find an Italian team as one of the biggest favorites, the team of Orrizonte. They are from Catania and have been dominating in the Italian championship. They have been winning it 19 times so far, but their last home victory is from 2011. The Italians were also successful in Europe in the 1990s and 00s and were the best 8 times during that time. Last year, Orrizonte were competing in the second-tier tournament, LEN Trophy. And as they were there, they won it, defeating the Hungarian side, UVSE Budapest in the final. Now they can try to win the highest-ranked cup, their odds are also 3.50 to do that. 

LEN, water polo, Women’s Euro League, Kinef, Sabadell, Olympiakos, online sportsbooks, online gambling, gamingzion Greek and Russian sides can meet again in the final [Harpagornis [CC BY-SA]

More Mediterranean favorites

Greek side Olympiakos can be a tough opponent to any team. First, though they need to get through the other Greek team, NC Vouliagmeni, the two teams will meet in the quarter-final. As we can see, in Greece water polo has a long and successful history, with Olympiacos being the most famous representative of it. They won the league only once, in 2015, but they have been in the top teams for many years. This year, Olympiacos won their group with a clean sheet, winning against all the other three teams. With the odds of 5.00, they are ranked as the third favorite by the bookmakers.

Spain is represented only by one team, CN Sabadell. I’m saying only, as there were four Spanish teams qualified to the top 16, but they all fell, except Sabadell. The club was founded in 1916, in the fifth-largest city in Catalonia, which is a real sports town. It has, of course, a football team, currently playing in the third league, a handball team, two basketball teams, a hikers club, and two tennis clubs. And the water polo and swimming club with more than 30, 000 members. Back to the women’s water polo team, they have been on a winning form since 2000. They won the league in 2011 first, and they just kept on winning it four more times. Sabadell are the reigning champions, and though they had some tough games in their group this autumn, they still managed to win it. Now their odds for the final win are 9.00 at 1xBet. 

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