2020 Miss Finland Bets – Ronja Pikkuhajru or Elina Kuznetsova?

  • 2020 Miss Finland contest is set to happen in September
  • Ronja Pikkuhajru is taking the leading positions in 2020 Miss Finland bets
  • Elina Kuznetsova is the Pikkuhajru’s main contender and the 1st runner-up in the race
2020 Miss Finland bets

The Finland gamblers right now are all engaged in placing 2020 Miss Finland bets. Miss Finland ceremony will take place in September 2020. Ten wonderful contestants are now competing for the desired crown. So, soon Finland will choose its most beautiful diva who will be representing the country in the Miss Universe contest. 

According to the bets on the 1xBET Sportsbook, Ronja Pikkuhajru is the front-runner in this race. However, 2019 Miss Finland betting odds’ leader Riikka Uusitalo eventually lost to Anni Harjunpää. So, let’s see what happens this year.

Ronja Pikkuhajru is facing strong competition for the 2020 Miss Finland title from Elina Kuznetsova. Most online gambling sites in Finland position Elina as the 1st runner-up in the race. So far, she has great chances to win the title.

Here are the winning odds of both divas:

No. Name Odds
1. Ronja Pikkuhajru 2.75
2. Elina Kuznetsova 3.5

Ronja Pikkuharju Experiences Participating in the Beauty Contest for the First Time

2020 Miss Finland bets
The race is on!

Pikkuharju is 22 years old and comes from Tampere. Currently, she is the leading finalist in the contest to get the desired Miss Finland title.

Surprisingly, leading diva has never been part of any beauty contests. However, competing in the race is not a new experience for the Pikkuharju. She has previously competed at Latino show dancing. And as we see this experience was very helpful in gaining practice in competing in 2020 Miss Finland.

By profession, Ronja is a hairdresser. And she said that she wishes to spread more positive energy at the contest.

Staying stable at the current position in 2020 Miss Finland bets is the main priority for Pikkuharju right now.

Elina Kuznetsova Is the 1st Runner-Up in 2020 Miss Finland Bets

23-year-old Elina Kuznetsova comes from Kouvola but currently lives in Lappeenranta.

As the leading finalist Pikkuharju, Kuznetsova does not have prior experience in participating in beauty contests. However, she practiced figure skating and participated at Finnish Championship at the junior level. The diva is going to use this background to make the best out of the Miss Finland contest.

Though placed second in the 2020 Miss Finland bets, Kuznetsova is still a strong contender to Pikkuharju.

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