2021 Copa America Betting Tips – Too Many Good Teams


Posted: June 25, 2020

Updated: June 25, 2020

  • Messi wants a title with Argentina before retirement
  • Brazil has a comprehensive squad
  • The Golden Era of the Colombian Team
  • Uruguay and Chile have decent chances
  • Qatar and Australia are participating as Invited Guests
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The 47th edition of the Copa America will start from June 11 to July 10 in 2021. The tournament will be co-hosted by Argentina and Colombia. The current title holders; Brazil should certainly be in top form to successfully defend their title. Other teams including Argentina and Columbia will be looking to snatch that title away. In this article, we provide you with the 2021 Copa America betting tips and which strengths each team possess to enable them of winning.

Argentina – Messi’s Last Chance for a Title with His National Team?

Argentina is one of the most successful teams in the Copa America tournament. La Albiceleste hold the record for the second most title wins with 14 trophies. In addition to the number of titles, the team holds many other records, some of which will be difficult to break. For instance, they are the team with the most goals scored in the competition with 462 goals. Also, they hold the record for most wins at 122, which is more than any other team. In 1942, Argentina defeated Ecuador with a score of 12-0 which still stands as the biggest win in Copa America. In their History, Argentina hosted Copa America nine times and will host it for the tenth time in 2021.

Scaloni and his players will certainly try to take advantage of the support of their fans. The last time Argentina won the trophy was in 1993. Also, this might be Messi’s last chance to win a trophy with his national team as he will be nearing 34 when this tournament is played. Therefore, they will be doing their absolute best to get that trophy, especially after losing two finals in 2015 and 2016 in this competition. Online sportsbook sites in Argentina have placed them as favorites the 2021 Copa America betting odds. For instance, odds on 1xBET for the Albiceleste to win are 2.75. You can also bet if you think they will not win the title as odds of them not winning are 1.43.

2021 Copa America Betting Tips
Former Brazilian National Team player, Julio Baptista – Image via Flickr

Brazil to Defend Their Title

Current Champions Brazil are set to defend the Copa America title in 2021. They obtained the title after defeating Peru 3-1 in 2019. The Selecao are the third most successful team in the competition as they won the title a total of nine times in their history. During the golden age of the Brazilian national team from 1997 to 2007, the team won four out of five Copa America titles. In the upcoming tournament, Brazil’s manager Tite will have an array of experienced and young talented players at his disposal. With Experienced players like Thiago Silva in defense, Casimero in midfield, and Neymar in attack, the 2021 Copa America betting tips show that the Selecao are more than ready to defend their title. Betting odds on 1xBET for Brazil to win the trophy again are 3.24, while odds of them not winning are 1.30.

Columbia’s Golden Squad

Columbia is witnessing one of their best football generations. With this golden generation, the team managed to produce impressive performances in the last two editions of the World Cup. Also, they are currently ranked number 12 in the FIFA world rankings. The last time the Columbian team won the Copa America was in 2001. They dominated the tournament winning all games and conceded no goals. In this edition of the tournament, the team will be relying on star players James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado to win the title. In addition, the team will have the support of the fans as they are co-hosting the tournament. The 2021 Copa America betting odds for the Columbians to win are 5.5 on 1xBET . Also, the odds of them not winning are 1.15.

Uruguay Has the Perfect Duo

Although they are past their prime, Uruguay are the most successful team in Copa America. In 1916, they became the first team to win the title. Also, they hold the record for most title wins with 15 trophies. The last of their trophies was back in 2011 when Argentina hosted the tournament. The Celeste won the title after defeating Paraguay 3-0 in the final. Will history repeat itself and Uruguay win the title as Argentina is hosting again? The team and fans are putting their hopes on the attacking duo Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. Both players are on the top scorers list for Uruguay. Suarez scored 55 goals, while Cavani scored 46. The 2021 Copa America betting odds for Uruguay to win the title are 9, while odds of them not winning are 1.05.

2021 Copa America Betting Tips
Copa America 2007 – Image via Flickr

2021 Copa America Betting Tips: Chile to Cause an Upset Again

Chile have not been very successful in winning the Copa America title until recently. The “La Roja” managed to win the title two times in their history as they won it in 2015 and 2016. On both of those occasions, they obtained the title by defeating Argentina in penalties. This was an upset as Argentina were the favorite to win on both occasions with the amount of star players they had. In this year, the team will be depending on midfielder Arturo Vidal and striker Alexis Sánchez to bring the title back home. The 2021 Copa America betting odds on 1xBET for the “La Roja” to win the title are 14.

2021 Copa America Betting Tips: The Guest Teams

Since 1993, several Guest national teams from outside of South America get invited to take part in the Copa America. This year, Qatar and Australia are going to participate in this tournament. The Qatar National team got invited after becoming winning the Asian Cup with an extraordinary performance. The team scored 19 goals and conceded only one. Although they have been recently performing well, the 2021 Copa America Betting tips and predictions are not in their favor. Betting odds for Qatar to win the title on 1xBET are 81. Similarly, the odds for the Australian team to win are also 81.

2021 Copa America Betting Odds for the Remaining Teams

1xBET also offers the option of betting on other participating teams. The following table shows other teams and their respective 2021 Copa America betting odds to win the title. Will we witness an upset in the upcoming tournament?

Peru Wins 26
Venezuela Wins



Paraguay Wins



Ecuador Wins



Bolivia Wins



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