2020 US Presidential Election Texas Odds Very Tight

  • Trump and Biden are neck-and-neck in recent polls
  • It is a tougher competition than 2016 for Trump
  • Biden seriously believe he has a shot of winning
US Presidential election Texas odds

One of the most crucial states in the United States to determine the outcome of the national elections is apparently Texas. In a few months, the state will declare it is remaining in support of President Trump. But, just maybe it will shock the nation by swinging towards Biden. According to the US presidential election Texas odds, both results are very possible.

Donald Trump has won the state of Texas by 9 percentage points over Hillary Clinton in 2016. It was the smallest margin for a Republican presidential nominee to win since 1996. A lot has changed for four years, or maybe not in terms of the ballot box as US presidential election Texas odds indicate.

What is clear as online sportsbook news in the United States claim, the last 12 months were very rocky. Thus, the upcoming election will probably be a tough one for both candidates. However, Texas remains very crucial as it has 38 electoral votes that can change the entire race and very effectively determine the next US president.

Texas is not the only battleground for Republicans and Democrats. According to 2020 swing states odds, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are all at high stake. Should Biden capture some of these states, Trump electoral college odds will slip down very steeply.

The latest polls as for July 2020

In early July Trump was leading Biden by 4 percentage points according to a poll from the University of Texas. It was Trump’s latest narrow lead, which continued for four months. Trump’s chances seemed very solid, but the political landscape started slowly closing in.

US Presidential election Texas odds
Who’s going to win?

By late July, the two candidates have reached a point where they are simply neck-and-neck with voters in Texas. Some polls such as the Quinnipiac University survey suggest Biden is presumably leading by just one point. 45% of respondents said they back Biden, while 44% support Trump. Of course, between August and November numbers can easily change, but they are definitely alarming for President Trump.

Texas is no longer safe for Trump

The conservative state was supposed to be the safest for President Trump. In four decades Republican candidates never lost a presidential race in Texas. But, it is no longer that safe with Trump’s poll numbers declining nationally and surprisingly also in the state of Texas.

Republicans are most probably in a very awkward position with concerns that Texas can all of a sudden become Liberal. For sure the electoral challenge in Texas will be one of the toughest in five decades. However, Trump might eventually prevail with a narrower win at 1.395 odds, according to 22BET Sportsbook. But, if he loses he will be the first Republican presidential nominee to lose the state since 1976.

US presidential election Texas odds on Biden

It has been well known that Democrats focused on Texas as the major battleground for them, since the beginning of this election cycle. In recent months, a lot of attention has been paid to Texas by the Democratic party, and it seems things are going in the right direction. The state’s urban and suburban regions are moving dramatically towards Democratic candidates. Thus, many online sportsbooks in the United States chose to close in the US presidential election Texas odds.

Joe Biden is getting more and more popular in Texas. Many consider him better suited to handle the economy and address racial inequality. Even Biden himself started believing he has a shot to win the state with 2.75 odds. Thus, he started spending big money on ads.

Although Texas is a very crucial state, a long list of odds on each state is available. You can just check out the review about 22BET Sportsbook and choose your favorite until 03 November.

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