2021 NFL Playoff Predictions Favor Chiefs and Packers

  • 2020-21 NFL playoff will start this weekend, on the 9th of January
  • 14 teams are taking part in the tournament
  • Chiefs and Packers are favored to win their conferences and meet in the Super Bowl
2021 NFL playoff predictions

The 2020-21 NFL playoff will start this weekend, on the 9th of January and end with the LV Super Bowl on the 7th of February. 14 teams take part in the tournament and fight for the Championships titles. Which also means a place in the Super Bowl. Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers are the favorites to win their conferences in the 2021 NFL playoff predictions.

After the finish of the 2020-21 regular season, 7 teams will continue from each conference in the playoffs after the league expanded the number of participating teams from 12 to 14. Beside the eight division winners they’ve offered wildcards for six teams this season. In the first round of the playoff, also known as the wild-card playoffs, the second seeded division winner will play against the 7th seed wild card, the third seed against the 6th seed wild card etc. The two top seeded division winners, Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will only join the tournament in the second round.  They will play against the worst remaining seeds in the divisional playoffs. Let’s take a look at the main favorites to go all the way and win their conference finals.

2021 NFL playoff predictions favor Kansas City to win the AFC Championship

The 2020 Super Bowl winners, Kansas City Chiefs are playing great this season again. The team completed the regular season with a 14-2 record. Their only losses were to the Raiders and the Chargers, but they still won their conference. Even though Patrick Mahomes and his teammates were not as dominant as last season, they have the power to go for the title. Chiefs only have to win two more games to become the  AFC champions and have the odds of 1.95 to do so.

2021 NFL playoff predictions
Let’s play!

Online sportsbooks in the US mention Buffalo Bills as their main rivals for the AFC title with the odds of 4.09. The team won their division and finished second in their conference with a 13-3 record. They have a rising star in quarterback Josh Allen who has the odds of 5.00 to make the most passing yards in the 2021 NFL playoff predictions. In the last few years Bills lost six Wild Card playoff games, so will concentrate on their first game now. They will face 7th seed Indianapolis Colts on Saturday and should get the win.

Packers and Saints are top favorites at the NFC

The Green Bay Packers won their conference and are predicted to meet the Chiefs in the LV Super Bowl. But first they need to win their remaining two games in the playoff and win the NFC Championship. They have the odds of 2.60 to do so on BetOnline. Aaron Rodgers can lead the team to victory and challenge Mahomes for the MVP title. Last season Packers finished as a runner-up in the championship after losing against San Francisco 49ers in the final.

Now their biggest rival can be the New Orleans Saints, who have the odds of 3.75 to win the NFC. They have a great quarterback as well in Drew Brees and a 12-4 record from the regular season. The Saints will play against the Chicago Bears on Sunday and should get through to the next round. Online gambling sites in the US offer the odds of 5.00 for Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the conference. Of course, they have the legend, Tom Brady in their defense which makes them a real threat to all teams. They will start against Washington in one of the tightest Wild Card playoff games on the weekends.

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