2021 Swiss National League Betting Preview: Top Contenders to Watch


Posted: September 19, 2020

Updated: September 19, 2020

  • ZSC Lions are top favourites for the 2021 Swiss National League win
  • 1998 wins EV ZUG could potentially end their trophy drought

The Swiss National League will be a must-see this year on the European ice hockey calendar. According to our 2021 Swiss National League betting preview, ZSC Lions are currently leading this season’s title race. However, it’s expected that they’ll be challenged by other top contenders such as EV ZUG, SC Bern and HC Davos. 

The 2020/2021 Swiss National League season will run from 1 October 2020 to 22 March 2021. According to our 2021 Swiss National League betting preview, ZSC Lions currently stand the best chance of winning the title.

Let’s see how their chances of winning stand against some of the other top contenders on 888sport.

  • ZSC Lions 3.75
  • EV ZUG 4.00
  • SC Bern 5.00
  • HC Davos 7.00

ZSC Lions have leading 2021 Swiss National League betting odds to win

Currently, ZSC Lions stand the best chance of winning the 2020/2021 Swiss National League. Fortunately, they have a respectable record in the ice hockey league to back up their winning chances. The club will start the season off with a record of nine league titles.

Additionally, ZSC Lions were crowned the 2019/2020 regular-season champions. Now, they stand a good chance of go for league victory with leading odds at 3.75 on 888sport. However, this season, the club will be without Pius Stuter who was the 2020 Swiss National League MVP.

Fortunately, they still have a promising 2021 lineup to achieve a successful title-winning campaign. According to our 2021 Swiss National League betting preview, one of their players to watch this season is Garrett Roe. The left-wing was instrumental in the club’s success last season as one of the league’s top-scoring leaders.

EV ZUG look to potentially end their Swiss National League trophy drought

According to the online sportsbook news in Switzerland, EV ZUG were last Swiss National League champions way back in 1998. Now, they’ll be hoping to dust their trophy cabinet shelves to make room for a much-needed trophy.

Fortunately, they could potentially win this season’s title with 2021 Swiss National League betting odds at 4.00. Last season, the 888sport hopefuls recorded a good performance finishing second in the regular-season standings. Additionally, several of the players were among the top-ranked scoring leaders and leading goaltenders.

This includes scoring leaders Grégory Hofmann and Jan Kovář, and leading goaltender Leonardo Genoni. Fortunately, they’ll all start for EV ZUG this season and could lead the club to a long-awaited league victory.

2021 Swiss National League betting
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SC Bern eye 17th Swiss National League title

Currently, SC Bern are third favourites on the online sportsbooks in Switzerland for the 2021 Swiss National League win. They recently claimed the league title in 2019. However, they went on to record a poor performance in the following season finishing ninth in the regular-season standings.

However, according to our 2021 Swiss National League betting preview, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the 2019 champions. Their player Tomi Karhunen was the 2020 league’s second-best goaltender and will be in the 2021 starting lineup.

Now, they stand a chance to return to title-winning ways with 888sport odds at 5.00.

HC Davos look to extend Swiss National League win

According to 2021 Swiss National League betting preview, HC Davos are the most decorated club with 31 titles. However, they were last champions in the 2015 season, and will now be looking to end their trophyless run. Last season, they finished third in the regular season.

As a result, they’ll only be looking to step up claiming the 2021 title. Currently, the have the fourth-best odds of winning the 2021 Swiss National League. Consequently, you can bet on HC Davos to claim their 32nd league title with odds at 7.00 on 888sport.

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