2021 Tees Valley Mayoral Election Odds Give an Edge to Incumbent Ben Houchen

  • Tees Valley mayoral election is set for 6 May
  • Conservative Ben Houchen seeks re-election
  • The challenger Jessie Joe Jacobs of Labor hopes to dethrone Mr. Houchen

People in the Tees Valley area will be casting their vote on 6 May to elect a new mayor. So far, only the conservative incumbent mayor Ben Houchen and his challenger Jessie Joe Jacobs of Labor are running. As per, 2021 Tees Valley mayoral election odds, Mr. Houchen stands as the favorite to win again.

Online sportsbook news sites in the United Kingdom confirmed that there will be an election for a new Tees Valley Mayor on 6 May. It will be the second election after the 2017 inaugural vote. While this mayoral election was supposed to take place in May 2020, it was delayed one year. Now the date is official, and so far two candidates are running, the incumbent Ben Houchen and the challenger Jessie Joe Jacobs.

It is unclear yet whether other candidates will join the race, as the door remains open for nominations until 8 April. The winner will be the direct leader of the Tees Valley combined authority which drives the economic growth and job creation in the area. What is more, the new mayor will have the power over £15 million investment from the national government. Without further ado, here are the two competing candidates and their Tees Valley mayoral election odds.

Mr. Houchen presumably holds a strong ground

Ben Houchen won the first election ever in Tees Valley in 2017 with 51.2 percent of the vote. He failed to get an outright win in the first round, thus contesting in a head to hear final count to win the mayoral election. Mr. Houchen became accordingly the first mayor of Tees Valley. Later on, his Conservative party was able to poll 44 percent in the 2019 general election winning over the Labor who received 41 percent of the vote.

It seems that Mr. Houchen and his party maintained a strong ground in the area until recently. Therefore his bid for re-election may be successful. According to 22BET Sportsbook, Mr. Houchen holds an edge over his challenger with 1.168 odds to win.

Jessie Joe Jacobs has a chance at Tees Valley mayoral election odds

File:Jessie Joe Jacobs Labour Candidate.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Jessie Joe Jacobs – Sunshine nme, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Labor candidate Jessie Joe Jacobs is perceived by many online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom as a strong challenger. She values 4.5 at Tees Valley mayoral election odds to dethrone Mr. Houchen.  However, she is the only challenger so far, and if other candidates join the race the odds may change.

Jessie Joe Jacobs is well-known for her founding of the Stockton-based charity A Way Out. She also created a media project that taught people to report news called “We Are Our Media”. Recently all the seven local parties in the area and five trade unions have endorsed her. Given that Tees Valley a few years ago was a stronghold for the Labor Party, Jessie Joe Jacobs may successfully bring back this support.

Many other mayoral elections are up for grabs this year in London, West Yorkshire, and Greater Manchester. You can read more about the 2021 London mayoral election betting, and the 2021 Manchester mayoral election odds. To see all the best odds on different mayoral elections just check out the review about 22BET Sportsbook.

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