Biggest Political Moments in 2020: What We Learned

  • The biggest political moments in 2020 include climate change, elections and social justice
  • See last year's major events and political headlines
biggest political moments in 2020

The year 2020 has been one hall of a political ride. To summarize this year with the most important political events, we discuss elections, protests and conflicts. Looking forward to a better year in 2021, let us take a look at the biggest political moments in 2020.

2020 was surely a year like no other. A continuous election battle in the United States, Brexit negotiations, climate protests and fights against injustice all shaped our previous year. Much of the political debate has been influenced by such issues in the western world. However, major events in the US and UK shape the political landscape of the rest of the world alike. Arguably, targeting the global pandemic has become countries’ number one priority. Frontline medical workers continuously risk their lives for our safety, yet the world could not completely slow down. It is interesting to look back on our previous bets on political events, and learn from the outcomes. Political betting for 2021 suggests an equally tumultuous year. Reflecting on the biggest political moments in 2020 allows of to make better predictions for the turnouts of 2021. Let us jump back in time and unpack how we got here!

Environmental issues amongst the biggest political moments in 2020

Right at the beginning of the year, Australia continued to battle against the wildfire season in January. The shocking damage heavily influenced people’s opinions on the government and their actions. The massive bushfires destroyed Australia. While bushfires happen every year, this has been the worst one so far. Likely to happen again, the question is how the government will prepare and prevent it. Of course, the impact of climate change is not negligible. Drier, hotter conditions driven by climate change can add to the size and intensity of bushfires. Scientists fear that the scale and intensity of the current bushfires will cause Australian forests to regrow more slowly, reducing their ability to rapidly absorb excess carbon. With more carbon in the atmosphere, the earth will continue to warm. What is it that we should do?

biggest political moments in 2020
Wildfires were a huge issue

If there is one goal we should set for 2021, is the targeting of climate change on a global level. During 2020 various initiatives took place in order to effectively deal with climate change. Since under Trump’s presidency, the U.S. officially left the Paris Climate Agreement, we hope to see better actins from Joe Biden. In some progressive countries, it is in fact the number one priority. In the case of Denmark, we discuss how the possible reelection of Mette Frederiksen connects to climate politics. Unibet Sportsbook’s offers betting odds for the next Danish general elections. Climate actions will definitely shape the outcome of the elections, as it became the most important matter in many Nordic countries.

The biggest political moments in 2020 January

Apart from the tragical bushfires, in Australia, there are notable events that happened in the first month of the year. Such as Meghan and Prince Harry’s step down as royals. It has been over a year, and now we finally gained some insight into their decisions. Interviews by Oprah, Meghan and Harry talked about their struggle openly last month. While their personal lives might not be our number one concern, it did raise important questions. The political structure of the United Kingdom and the very necessity of the Royal family had been questioned by the public. Questions around institutionalised racism, appearance and mental health emerged from this interview. See a detailed insight from this article on the Royal Family’s issues.

Another shocking event of January was the U.S. drone’s killing a major Iranian general. The drone strike killed the powerful General Qasem Soleimani.  In response, Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two military bases in Iraq, injuring U.S. service members, and mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger airplane taking off from Tehran, killing all 176 people aboard.

Moving onto social justice

File:Harvey Weinstein Césars 2014 (cropped) (centered).jpg
Weinstein – Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In February 2020, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty. The former movie producer was found guilty of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual acts. It was the allegations against Weinstein that sparked the #MeToo movement in 2017. It took a long time, yet survivors and all participants of the #MeToo movement saw victory in this case.  On the other hand, three months later, after the tragic death of George Floyd, protesters around the globe happened. The early summer of 2020 definitely revolved around the Black Lives Matter movement. It gained more and more visibility nationwide, with events happening across the country protesting social injustice. Both the aforementioned injustice and the recognition of the movement are parts of the biggest political moments in 2020.

Major events in the United Kingdom and the United States

All online sportsbook sites in the UK featured major political events in both the U.K. and U.S. Negotiations over Brexit continued. The United Kingdom formally withdrew from the European Union in January, beginning a period of transition as the two sides negotiated the terms of their new relationship. At year’s end, relations remained tense, and negotiations continued in an effort to avoid a no-deal result by December 31, the official end of the transition. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Trump’s impeachment charge trial began. the U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 18, 2019, charged him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Following Trump’s downfall, the United States presidential election was one of the biggest political moments in 2020.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won a historic election: After emerging from a crowded primary field, Vice President Joe Biden clinched the Democratic nomination and chose Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, making her the first African American, first Asian American and third female vice presidential candidate in U.S. history. You can already bet on Kamala Harris to be the next U.S. president on Unibet Sportsbook. Following online gambling news in the UK, you are likely to find all major events covered, and the best odds.

The biggest political moments in 2020: What we learned

If you have not yet seen Death to 2020 on Netflix, we highly recommend it. Living through one of the most difficult ones from recent years, politicians do not have an easy time. We see many right-wing movements succeed, such as we predict the next Polish parliamentary elections. Social democrats are likely to focus on climate issues and the effective and fast distributions of the vaccines. As we see an economic downfall after the pandemic, following political actions will be more important than ever. To learn about the best odds, follow Unibet Sportsbook’ offers on political betting.

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