2021 Manchester Mayoral Election Odds on the Four Running Candidates

  • Burnham is the favorite to retain his job
  • Conservative Evans runs as the main challenger
2021 Manchester Mayoral election odds

The Greater Manchester mayoral election is on the horizon, with four candidates running in the race. As for now, the incumbent Andy Burnham is expected to retain his job by the 2021 Manchester mayoral election odds.

The residents of Greater Manchester will go to the polls on 6 May 2021 to have their say on who will represent them for the next three years. The Manchester mayoral election will be a part of several local elections to take place across England and Wales for 13 mayors and 50 police and crime commissioners.

As online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom reported the residents will likely vote by post. However, they will also have a chance to vote in a polling station or the known as a proxy vote. Four candidates will have their names on the ballot including Andy Burnham, Laura Evans, Melanie Horrocks, and Michael Elston. Most likely the incumbent Burnham will win again according to 2021 Manchester Mayoral election odds.

Andy Burnham likely to retain his job

2021 Manchester Mayoral election odds
Andy Burnham –photographic-leigh from ENGLAND, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The incumbent mayor and former shadow home secretary of the Labour Party is seeking re-election. His mayoral record is viewed positively by the residents. Therefore he is the favorite with a value of 1.03 at 2021 Manchester Mayoral election odds, as per 22BET Sportsbook. He also has plans for his next term, including to ake the bus services into public ownership. Besides, he pledged to make the city-region carbon neutral by 2038.

Conservative Laura Evans the main challenger

The former Trafford councilor and parliamentary candidate of the Conservative Party is the main challenger to Burnham. She has been very popular in her community, receiving Hero’s award for community work in 2014. Her campaign focuses on building stronger bridges with the Tory government. As online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom show, she stands at 34 to dethrone Burnham.

Greens’ Melanie Horrocks has an ambitious plan

The Green Party candidate has been campaigning to fight poverty and increase the number of policemen. She has been also discussing climate issues including tackling pollution levels across the city. Her main plan is to make the city-region carbon neutral by 2030, which is more ambitious than Burnham. Thus, the odds are 151 for her to win the election.

Businessman Michael Elston

The businessman is standing as an independent. He is 39 and a keen Bury FC fan. The way he perceives his advantage is as the alternative to the party politic. Recently he has been discussing a lot about how to address the issue of civil penalties and what he perceives as the lack of justice in the courts. His odds are 251 putting him in last place in the race.

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3 months ago

Elston’s quite popular in Manchester, he wants to abolish parking fines and get rid of bailiffs, so he’s got my vote!

3 months ago

+ Burnham said we had enough ICUs, Elston said we didn’t, Elston was right, people have died because of it.