2022 USFL Championship Odds and Betting Preview


Posted: April 13, 2022

Updated: April 13, 2022

  • It’s history in the making as the USFL Championship inaugural season will take place this year
  • North Division’s Michigan Panthers are shoo-ins to win the inaugural USFL season
  • The Houston Gamblers and Birmingham Stallions are the 2022 USFL underdogs

The much anticipated United States Football League is here, and we are here for it! At this time, we have the latest 2022 USFL Championship odds and USFL predictions to cover the inaugural season. So far, the Michigan Panthers lead the title race with the best USL betting odds to win.

The first edition of the United States Football League will be live from 16 April to 3 July 2022. During this time, eight teams will compete for the inaugural title. So far, the USFL betting predictions and USFL betting odds are pointing towards a win for the Michigan Panthers. Let’s see how their 2022 USFL Championship odds of winning stand against some of the featured competitors on BetOnline

Club Odds of Winning
Michigan Panthers +375
Tampa Bay Bandits +500
Houston Gamblers +750
Birmingham Stallions +800

rThe Inaugural Season 2022 USFL Championship Odds Foresee A Win For The 2022 USFL Championship odds

Without a doubt, this is the best news that the Panthers fans have received so far. At this time, the USFL predictions are USFL betting odds are pointing towards a 2022 victory for the Michigan Panthers. 

There’s no denying that winning the inaugural USFL Championship season will be an amazing feat. However, the Panthers will also likely start the season under immense pressure to secure the historic win. As mentioned earlier, they currently lead the title race for the 2022 title on BetOnline

So, with odds at +375, the Michigan Panthers are the best bets to win the 2022 USFL title. Now, the title frontrunners need to keep up the momentum throughout the season. This way, they can meet their expectations of winning the inaugural season. 

Tampa Bay Bandits Are Also In Contention For The 2022 Title 

So far, the USFL predictions have labeled the North Division club Michigan Panthers as shoo-ins for the 2022 title. However, according to the online sportsbook news in the US, the South Division club also has a shot at winning the inaugural season. At this time, the Panthers have the second-best 2022 USFL Championship odds to win at +375 on BetOnline. That being said, the Michigan Panthers will have to watch their back throughout the season.  

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The Houston Gamblers and Birmingham Stallions Look To Defy Their Odds Of Winning The 2022 Title 

As mentioned earlier, all the teams including the Houston Gamblers will be itching to get their hands on the inaugural USFL title. However, judging from their USFL betting odds of winning, the Gamblers will likely miss out on the 2022 title. 

So far, they have the seventh-worst odds to win on BetOnline at +750. Lastly, according to the 2022 USFL predictions, the Gamblers are also one of their season’s title underdogs. As we speak, they have the worst odds to win on the online sportsbook sites in the USSo, with 2022 USFL Championship odds at +800, the Birmingham Stallions are risky bets. For more information on the top bookmaker with the latest USFL betting odds, be sure to read our review about BetOnline.

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