Badminton Betting Guide For Beginners

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Badminton Betting Guide

Badminton has been around for a while. Historians have found evidence that ancient cultures have played different versions of the game. The badminton we know today arrived from India to Europe with English soldiers back in the 19th century. Ever since the 1992 Olympics, it has been part of the Summer Games. There are five main types: women and men singles, women and men doubles, and mixed doubles. Check out our badminton betting guide to turn into a pro bettor!

Badminton Sport

To become a successful badminton bettor, you need to know the basic rules of the game. The matches can consist of three sets. Every set ends when a player reaches twenty-one points first. If a player wins the 21 points two times in a row, the match is over. If the result is 1-1, the final game takes place. During serving, the server hits the shuttle over the net in the middle of the court toward the receiver. It’s good to know that the players have to hit the shuttle lower than the servers’ waist level otherwise, it’s a fault. If the scores reach 20 – 20, the game will continue until a player can build a two-point score difference, but the set can only go until 30 points. 

In general, for all sports betting, indeed, you do not start betting just for the fun of it. It takes analysis and preparation to place successful bets. So the priority is to do the work and look up statistics and, if needed, the rulebook before wagering. You have to think long-term if you want to make a profit. Many of us play badminton for fun, but the competitive version’s popularity is growing, so the betting selection is also expanding. If you are one for betting on less-known and underrated sports, our badminton betting guide will help you get the hang of it. Moreover, since it’s pretty popular in some parts of the world, especially in Asia, you can find plenty of information and live betting options. 

Badminton Betting Guide

Since we are talking about a less popular sport, it’s crucial to find the bookmaker that offers the best odds and betting options. The market for badminton is just as colorful as tennis, the only difference is that it is still in its infancy. The markets keep expanding every year, and we all know how much the online sportsbook sites in Japan offer.

Badminton Betting Guide
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You better get ahead of the bookmakers and beat them in their own game. Our badminton betting guide focuses on the strategies that work best. For example, learn everything about the big tournaments and their rules. It’s also important to pay attention to the players’ rankings and compare their results. 

In the case of badminton betting, there are special factors you need to pay attention to, like the temperature of the place the competition takes place. The arenas in Asia are hotter than in the UK. It’s because the serving team has a higher chance of winning since the shuttle flies faster in the heat. When it comes to badminton, it is also true that there is a fair chance for the teams with a low chance to win during the less significant matches. So prepare for surprises and study every detail, like the jet lag or time difference. These are all the factors you have to consider before you bet. It is also a good idea to check out tennis betting guides since the two sports have similar elements.

Types of Badminton Betting 

The most simple betting type is the outcome wager, both in doubles and singles. Many prefer to predict the ultimate victors of big tournaments. You can also bet on the set winners, though it’s more common in live betting.

Badminton Betting Guide
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Every badminton betting guide mentions the turn-out results. For instance, 2:0, 2:1, etc. It’s hard to predict whether the match would result in an even or odd number. If you are a beginner bettor, you should not try this type for a while. Handicap betting is very popular with badminton. That is when you can give an advantage or a disadvantage to a team. Then there is the Over / Under betting option where you can pick whether the score will be under or over a given number. If you study the stats, you have a high chance to win if you choose this type. It’s quite rare, but you can also find point difference bets occasionally.

Badminton Betting Guide

Most bettors place bets based on statistics and rankings, or by comparing results. However, you should consider other factors, as well, to minimalize the surprises and losses. Always study the current tournament’s rules, participants, etc. It is possible that a team doesn’t want to win a match in a competition to avoid the world champion in the next round. So, as always, be cautious! Pay attention to the current trends. For example, if the most likely competitor loses in the first set, then bookmakers offer higher odds for them to win the second. At the same time, if a player is a few points away from losing, they will likely let it go to focus on the next set.

According to Unibet Sportsbook, it’s also significant to keep an eye on when bookmakers determine the odds for a match since sometimes you can catch the highest ones. So, the faster you are, the bigger your winning can be. Also, check out every available information about the competitions and participants. If an athlete plays both singles and doubles, they might exhaust themselves too much and can’t perform as they are supposed to. No matter the sport, betting is always a complex thing, especially if your money is involved!

Live to Bet

Similar to tennis, there are live betting options on online betting platforms. If you consider following the event life, you have quite the selection to choose from. You are lucky since, more often than not, live betting in other sports competitions is rare and less varied. If you are aware of badminton rules and the given tournament, live betting offers quite a profitable opportunity! TV channels broadcast only the greatest tournaments as the world championships or the Olympics. 

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Although, you will likely find live streams on the Internet and, on most online betting websites, you can follow the events. Compared to other less popular sports, the chances of finding live badminton betting are high. However, even if your betting site offers only the current results, you can take advantage of the bets that are rather risky to place in advance. As you can see, badminton betting has many layers. Like everything else, it takes some effort to become successful. As we have mentioned in our badminton betting guide before, study statistics, players and tournaments, even the bookmakers! If you are ready, try yourself at Unibet Sportsbook and win!

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