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Posted: January 17, 2023

Updated: January 17, 2023

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In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds. Therefore, this time we are not going to debate what’s the best movie. Instead, it’s time to talk about the worst movies of this year. Because if you didn’t know, the Golden Raspberry is dedicated to the worst cinema of the year and century. Make sure to register at the Online gambling sites in the UK. Because debating the worst movies is much more liberating than stressing about the best.

Therefore, it’s time to spill the tea on Hollywood and decide which movies will deserve the 2023 Golden Raspberry. We will start by introducing you to the ceremony and the award. However, we will give you the available odds, and we will also talk about our predictions and the movies on the list. Because they all have qualities deserving of the worst title.

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About The 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards Odds

Before we begin discussing the 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds. First, we have to highlight one important thing. Therefore, we will speak in a negative light about these movies. All of them have their cinematic excellence or great acting. However, we are going to saturate the bad traits of the movie. Because they received one star for a reason. Therefore, we have already told you what the Golden Raspberry Award is all about. Because we have mediums and critics to seek out the worst movies.

However, these awards wish to honor those who managed to do the worst. Because there is art in being terrible, and whether the creators are happy or not. The nominees all have deserved this award. They could take pride in it, without being sarcastic. Therefore, this award is not exactly about bullying.

Which Movies Are Up This Year?

The 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds are not too easy to figure out. Because many different aspects of cinematography can make things worse. According to the Yardbarker, movies such as the Transformers and the Emoji movie have received the award. However, were they as bad as The Cats? Not really. This is why you should make sure to check out every movie. Because we have Morbius, which doesn’t tell an original story but has decent visuals.

However, we also have Poker Face… it is not terrible, but the same story was told much better already before. Furthermore, Pinnochio with great intentions but a meaningless execution. In conclusion, you will see the following movies; Morbius, Poker Face, The Bubble, Pinnochio, The King’s Daughter, Blacklight, Blonde, Good Mourning, and Me Time.

The 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards Odds

Now that you understand the titles up on the 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds, let’s look at the odds. However, we recommend you register at the 22Bet Sportsbook. Because these amazing odds are their courtesy. However, their pick of the award-winning movie is strange. 

Perhaps, Morbius comes off a little obnoxious when we are putting it in comparison with Pinocchio. However, is it as bland as the Poker Face or The King’s Daughter? Nonetheless, first, you should register to be able to bet online. Furthermore, you should take a look at the odds;

  • Morbius – 2.38
  • Poker Face – 4
  • The Bubble – 6
  • Pinocchio – 10
  • The King’s Daughter – 10
  • Blacklight – 11
  • Blonde – 13
  • Good Mourning – 13
  • Me Time – 15

Bookie’s Pick – Morbius

Seeing the odds, we can clearly understand why Morbius would be the pick of the bookies. Because it is wearing the crown among the 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds. However, it isn’t the worst dark fantasy movie I have ever seen.

But it is still pretty bad. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it starts with an uninspiring effect, and the movie is cursed with a story that just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Furthermore, the movie might just not tell the story properly.

However, the viewers seem to have enjoyed the effects more than the critics did. What if someone has seen a lot of movies? We will all know that Morbius is not delivering the levels of 2023. In conclusion, Morbius is on par with the Last Airbender Movie. Which is huge coming from the creators of Spiderman and Venom.

Poker Among The 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards Odds

We have a gambling movie among the 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds. According to the Scotsman, the story is about a poker night going wrong. However, the poker night is not as wrong as this whole movie is. Because it is just not working.

One of the greatest criticisms of the movie is that Russel Crowe should’ve known to fold the scripts when he received them. It has terrible dialogues that focus on nothing but trying to paint a generic personality to poker.

The King’s Daughter Or The Bubble?

There is one movie we believe that managed to become worse than King’s Daughter. And this one is The Bubble. On one hand, King’s Daughter is one of the most exciting movies. However, the execution was weak and underwhelming. It should have been meditated upon for at least 10 years. Nonetheless, one of the worst things that can happen this year is The Bubble. 

Therefore, it’s interesting to see where Key & Peele went. Because one of them is receiving an Oscar, while the other is receiving a Raspberry. Nonetheless, we believe that The Bubble is nothing but a high-budget Youtube skit. However, the King’s Daughter feels like a motionless painting that shows the world, but not the story. – If you want more, please check out the 2023 Golden Globe best motion picture odds.

Our Predictions

Now that we have talked about the 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds. Let us mention our ultimate predictions. Because once again, this is a hard pick. Let us summarize the problem with every movie to you in a list. Because it is easier to utilize our 2023 Academy awards tips on these titles.

  • Morbius: Unoriginal story and weird effects from a high-end studio
  • Poker Face: People used the same concept 20 years ago and did much better.
  • The Bubble: Feels like a long Youtube Premium video instead of a cinema.
  • Pinocchio: Good intentions. However, it is impossible to execute well.
  • The King’s Daughter: The concept overpowered the execution.
  • Our ultimate betting pick for the winner of the award is Poker face.

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How To Bet Online?

As a conclusion for the 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards odds, we should teach you how to place bets online. Therefore, if you are interested in something else, please check out our 2023 Grammy Album of the year odds. However, if you are interested in betting on these props and odds at hand. Then just follow these simple steps;

  • Register or log in at 22Bet Sportsbook
  • Confirm your registration via email
  • Navigate to the Sports section.
  • Therefore, you will find the TV-Games category on the left
  • However, you have to navigate to the Golden Raspberry Awards sub-category
  • Furthermore, you can just use the search bar on the left and type out the keyword: “Golden Raspberry”.

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