4 Things X-Men: Days of Future Past Can Teach You About Winning at Online Casinos

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The popular X-Men comic and film series has always had a lot to say about politics and society. It also has a lot to say about winning money at online casino sites.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
is the latest installment in one of the best Hollywood film series’ of all-time. While its not my personal favorite of the seven X-Men films, I won’t argue with those who claim that objectively it’s the best film to date.

The comic book series originally launched during the height of the American civil rights movement during the 1960s. The social relevance is obvious: Professor Xavier represents Martin Luther King Jr. while Magneto is a mutant version of Malcolm X.

In addition to what the film can teach us about society, it can also tell us a lot about the online gambling industry and how to find success as a player. Tune in for a few reasons why.

Embrace progress

The X-Men literally represent a higher evolutionary stage than ordinary humans. They can do shocking things like shoot fire out of their eyes and control weather, and that inevitably leads to their being labeled as horrifying freaks. The rest of humanity fears them rather than accepts them, and an unending stream of chaos, war and injustice follows.

Maybe the majority of online casino execs saw the X-Men movies and took the lesson to heart. The business is all about embracing progress. New games, new marketing schemes, new variations on old casino games.

Players should also keep the lesson in mind. Look around for new online offerings. Hunt for bonuses and games with player-friendly rules. If you stick to the same old-fashioned crap every time you feel like gambling, you aren’t going to win often enough.

Bring an adequate bankroll

Most high-grossing Hollywood flicks have big budgets these days. Unsurprisingly, viewers tend to be impressed by A-list stars, exotic locations and breath-taking special effects. Days of Future Past has all of these things, and its budget reflected that. The film cost over $200 million to produce.

Moral of the story: you need to spend money to make money. Gambling is the same way. If you bring $20 to the table, there is a good chance you will end up ruined within a few hours. Even in a game like blackjack with a low house edge, there is always a chance that you will go on a bankroll-bleeding losing streak.

That’s why experts generally advise players to bring a bankroll worth between 50-100 times the minimum bet of the game they’ll be playing. If you plan to play $1 bingo games at an online or mobile casino, bring at least $50.

Never be afraid to reboot an old classic

X-Men: First Class was a prequel to the original X-Men trilogy. It had everything the originals had but did it better: great acting, a perfect blend of light-hearted fun and serious introspection, breath-taking action sequences.

• X-Men: Days of Future Past has taken the cinema world by storm, earning $302 million worldwide during its opening weekend
• The film can teach aspiring online gamblers several things about gambling online, such as embracing progress, bringing a bankroll, and playing to win
• Just as the latest film is a modern reboot of the original films, many of the best online casino games are reboots of classic table games

In Days of Future Past
, the title says it all. Its both a prequel and a modern reboot. A modern reboot with all of the same actors. One of the coolest things about it is that you see the old and young versions of Professor Xavier appear in the same scene, in addition to many other characters.

The reboot is something that the online casino industry also does very well. Take a classic table game like blackjack. An online casino in the UK or elsewhere will take the old game and tweak it a little bit.

Add bonus features, include some player-friendly rules variations like the on found in Blackjack Switch. Minor changes to an existing game=modern reboot of an old classic. Like in X-Men, the reboot doesn’t mean getting rid of the original, it means complimenting it with a modern take.

Its all about the cash

X-Men: Days of Future Past earned $91 million in US ticket sales during its opening weekend. That put it in line with 2014’s two other blockbuster action flicks: Godzilla and the Amazing Spiderman 2. It did even better overseas, earning $302 million worldwide. That topped Avatar, the quintessential blockbuster film.

For the record, I think that it is an excellent film, despite the confusing premise and sensory over-stimulation. But we’re talking Hollywood, not French or Italian art house. Films get respect first and foremost because they get people into theaters.

You should take the same approach when online gambling. Its important to enjoy yourself while playing. But when gambling, your top priority should be to log off with more money than you had when you logged on.

You should put the time in to hunt around for the best bonuses and games with the most player-friendly house edges. One of the pluses of the online platform is that you have more options at your immediate disposal. Take advantage of them and win money. That’s the point.

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