5 Best Slot Machines Based on TV Shows

  • We have already listed the best film-themed slots, now it’s time for TV shows
  • From Narcos to Friends: what slot games can you play online at 888casino?
slot machines based on tv shows

Online slot variety is so big nowadays that everyone can find a game to play by preference. For instance, hardcore movie fans can enjoy slot machines based on TV shows and films. We have listed the 5 best gambling games devoted to popular series of the 20th and 21st century. 

Sports or music-themed games, Ancient Rome or Aztec slot machines – every gambler can find something to play online that will fit his or her taste. Today, we will rank the best slot machines based on TV shows aka one of the most popular forms of entertainment. If you also like watching TV series, you should try these 5 games.

Narcos is among good slot machines based on TV shows

A Netflix TV series Narcos became so popular in 2015 that it even got its own slot machine. Following the plot about Pablo Escobar, the Narcos slot has an appropriate retro design and atmosphere. It somehow reminds about the US themed slots in their best but is more similar to Wild West than nowadays’ America.

The Narcos slot is a 5×3 game with 243 ways to win and a 96.23% Return To Player rate. It will not only bring profit to lucky men but also entertain TV series fans with lots of easter eggs. The most familiar ones will be images of the main characters, weapons, dollars, and an overall 20th-century spirit.

slot machines based on tv shows
Let’s spin!

Play the Game of Thrones slot if you miss this series

Can slot machines based on TV shows go without the most hyped series ever? No. Game of Thrones was so popular that it immediately caused an emergence of various themed games: PC games, board games, and, of course, gambling. The GOT slot machine is one of the most popular games at 888casino and is available not only for computers but also for mobiles and smartwatches.

The GOT video slot is so well done that even common players are going to like it. To win cash on Game of Thrones, collect emblems of different houses – from Baratheon to Targaryen – and the most memorable symbols of the series. The slot itself has a 5×3 reel structure and an RTP of 95%. It also includes various bonuses and free spins.

Old but gold – the Friends slot

If you are a fan of Friends, you will like it. This classic American series was destined to inspire game developers – that’s what they did. WMS developed an entertaining slot machine featuring our favorite characters: Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, and Chandler. Collect their pictures, personal belongings, and memorable scenes from episodes to win cash.

The Friends slot has a 5-reel & 4-rows structure, 40 pay lines, and a 96% RTP. It is available at online casino sites in Australia like 888casino.

X-Files fans can play the same-name slot

X-files is probably the most popular sci-fi TV series of its time. Millions were following Mulder and Scully’s adventures from 1993 to 2002. Although the series got its resumption four years ago, fans didn’t like the new episodes for a number of reasons. However, they can still enjoy X-files in some other format – e.g. slots.

slot machines based on tv shows
Which one is your favorite?

Playtech has developed the X-files slot machine years ago, so it perfectly reflects the atmosphere of old episodes. To win the 5×3 reel game, look for pictures of aliens, FBI symbols & devices as well as Mulder and Scully’s portraits. With the mysterious background and music, the slot will give you the true X-files vibes.

Slot machines based on TV shows: Gremlins

Gremlins are not only about the popular 1984 film and an upcoming TV series of the same name. It is also a great game to play in 2020 to recall memories about little monsters before it is out at HBO. With a 4/5 rate, Gremlins is one of the best slot machines based on TV shows (even if it comes later). A 5-reel slot not just perfectly reflects the horror atmosphere of the movie with scary laughs and corresponding symbols but is also profitable. Its RTP is pretty high – 96.45%.

The Gremlins slot is available at 888casino like other slot machines inspired by popular TV series and movies. You can play at this casino site either from your laptop, mobile, or other devices.

You can discover more about 888casino here.

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