7 Best Bets Next Year For Flutter Fans & Occasional Gamblers

Whilst the serious gamblers focus on the minutia, 2020 will provide some great opportunities for fans of a the occasional flutter, so here’s our list of the seven best bets for next year.

Best Bets For Next Year

Society still continues to frown on gambling. This despite making lots of tax revenue from it. However, the occasional flutter is still acceptable, apparently. Bookies like Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK today, offering odds especially for them. EPL games might get dull predictable odds, the Grand National less so. This means there’s more opportunity in these calendar gambling hotspots. So, then, here’s our list of the seven best bets next year will offer. 

  1. Wimbledon

A social event as much as it is a sporting one, this tennis tournament is a great little flutter. It easily makes our list of the best bets next year. Whether you bet on the Wimbledon winners themselves, or on the rank outsiders, there’s something for everyone. Serena Williams is favorite right now at 6/1. It may, however, be rising star Cori Gauff at 33/1 who might attract the occasional betting masses. Especially after her performance last year won the crowd if not the tournament.

  1. Euro 2020

Best Bets For Next Year
Image source: ERIC SALARD from PARIS, FRANCE [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
An obvious inclusion on our list of the best bets next year, this will be big. Especially in the UK. Currently England are favorites to win at 4/1 with Belgium at 5/1 and the French at 13/2. This will cause a massive blip on the flutter fan radar. It won’t matter if you know nothing about football, and care even less, you’ll still need to bet on Euro 2020. Also expect a whole plethora of unusual wagers on the tournament. To tempt in those who don’t usually bet on sports in the UK

  1. The Grand National

Perhaps one of the original flutters this has to be on our list of the best bets next year. Mixing the pageantry of glory days now gone with the modern sport of kings this is the big one. From the silly names to the garish silks and, of course, beautiful horses, there’s nothing quite like it. If you don’t usually bet on horse racing in the UK this is the exception. Pick a winner with forethought or none, either way you’ll have to join in. A bet on the Grand National is now almost mandatory. 

  1. The Tour De France

Best Bets For Next Year
2012 Tour de France (Image source: Josh Hallett – Flickr)

The sport with more drug abuse than an illegal rave in the 1980s will be back again in 2020. If you take it seriously the sport is in massive decline, if not, there’s a flutter opportunity. Pick a rider or a team, it doesn’t matter, a bet on the Tour de France is another great tradition. Select a king of the mountains or the overall winner. Bet365 will have all the odds you need to do so. As one of the biggest online betting sites in the UK they will provide many of the best bets next year. 

  1. The Kentucky Derby

This would not, perhaps, make it onto our list of best bets next year were it not for this year’s race. Conditions were appalling, the race controversial, the result disputed. This means you can expect a lot of hype around the 2020 Kentucky Derby. Thus it will be a perfect little flutter come the summer. Especially if the weather once again plays such a major role in proceedings. A bet on the Kentucky Derby might not be traditional in the UK, but betting on any wholesale farce is. 

  1. The Olympic Games

A bet on Tokyo 2020 will be a no brainer. The world’s best athletes competing in perhaps the greatest show on Earth. Depending on which events you choose this could easily be one of the best bets next year. From the 100m sprint to synchronized swimming there is no shortage of choice. You’ll find a great many people take advantage of UK gambling laws to have a flutter on this one. Good at seated sports it’ll be the cycling and rowing that attract flutter fans in the UK.

  1. US Presidential Election

Best Bets For Next Year
Image source: Kārlis Dambrāns – Flickr

This will be big. From the social media barrage to the television coverage, this will be absolutely everywhere. You don’t have to like those involved, or know anything about them, the odds speak for themselves. Flutter fans the world over will be tempted into this maelstrom and pick one of the candidates. You may well find yourself amongst them. Indeed it makes our list of the best bets next year because it’ll be unavoidable. Everyone will have something staked on this one. 

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