7 Features Of Your Local Casino………In Space.

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Las Vegas mogul Robert Bigelow, owner of the Budget Suites Of America chain so popular among the gamblers in town, has announced he intends to put a hotel in space by 2022, and if there’s a Vegas-owned hotel in space it’s only a matter of time before there’s a place to gamble up there too, and with space not as far away as you think the orbital pleasure palace could be your local casino sooner than you think. But just what will set this futuristic (possibly inflatable) gaming centre apart from those left behind on Terra-firma? We take a look at seven of the most obvious features you can expect out there.

1. Magnetic Chips With Everything

Despite the spinning gravity-rich space stations of science fiction, be it the serious 2001 A Space Odyssey or farcical James Bond movie Moonraker, your local casino in space is unlikely to have gravity due to size constraints, as with the ISS, so you can expect just about everything, from chips to boots, to be slightly magnetic to counter the effect and prevent things floating away. Naturally this will not prevent any accidental projectile vomit incidents and those with a weak stomach should probably stick to BetVictor online instead since it can be very messy if the zero-G environment makes you feel nauseous.

2. Tube Food At Your Local Casino….In Space

Obviously one can’t partake of the usual refreshments that your Earth-bound casino will serve you as a matter of course as you take advantage of US or UK gambling laws, for instance, and indeed you shouldn’t expect to be able to luxuriate over a scotch on the rocks as if at home on BetVictor whilst floating around in a zero gravity casino. Drinks are likely to be served in toothpaste style tubes, as will much of the food. Given the alternative, whilst somewhat down market in appearance, the practicalities of this approach are obvious and will at least allow people to enjoy something approximating real sustinance.

3. 3D Roulette

It will be as obvious that roulette is already three dimensional as it will that spinning a metal ball around at high speed in zero gravity is a good way to seriously damage the interior of your Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, one of your fellow players or your long term chances of survivial, and so whilst the same odds will be retained a game enclosed in a sphere will need to be devised just so your local casino in space doesn’t end up leaving you lacking oxygen and wishing you’d stayed on Earth and trying your luck on some of the books that BetVictor has going on current sporting events on your home world.

4. Zero-G Blackjack

Anyone in the US or UK gambling news of the casino space age being so close at hand won’t have a profound effect on the games that are played should think again. Fifty two cards floating about would be tricky to manage and bound to have someone’s eye out (a problem BetVictor doesn’t suffer from) so any cards are likely to be as magnetic as the chips and boots, and whilst this might retain the atmosphere of it’s more traditional form you might well find BetVictor will entertain more than trying to play blackjack with metallic cards, although watching them pinwheel away if mishandled might be amusing briefly.

5. Holographic Poker

Naturally video versions of famous games, and indeed video slots themselves, will have a place in your local casino in orbit, however with $2.3bn being spent on just a small inflatable hotel in space, the chances are the sizeable investment needed to open a casino in orbit will mean there will be budget enough to develop some specific games that aren’t available at BetVictor or other current online casinos. Holographic projection seems a logical step and your game of Texas Hold ‘Em in space could well be far more virtual than actually physical, which might perhaps defy the point of going to a casino in the first place.

6. Barbarella Themed Hostesses

It might be the 21st century and we may well be about to set up facilities so we can bet on sports in the UK out among the stars however if there’s one thing you can guarantee about your local casino in orbit it is that the hostesses will be wearing outfits themed for the environment. Be it Seven-of-Nine, Princess Leia or Barbarella herself you can expect to see the entire catalogue of scantily-clad science-fiction females during your gaming experience. BetVictor doesn’t have this facility of course, but then can’t be imploded with a micro-asteroid either. So it’s very much a case of swings and roundabouts.

7. Alien Croupiers

Elongated time spent in space can atrophy your bones and cause problems with muscle and tissue development so any staff of your local casino in space might not be subject to earthly gambling laws, but nor will they be subject to enough gravity to be healthy. High staff turnover would substantially raise costs, particularly in training expenses, so expect your local casino to take steps to recruit staff more suitable to the role, and hire aliens. Should you find your croupier looking a bit green be sure to ask if they’re just ill or are in fact from another planet. If it’s the former pass them a bag with all alacrity, the alternative is terribly messy.

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