Is Bowie The Best Bet On The Christmas Number One This Year?

Bet On The Christmas Number One

The novelty betting books are doing a roaring trade at the moment what with X Factor and the name of the next royal baby and now the traditional bet on the Christmas Number One rushes to join them with all the major online bookies offering odds on which tune will be at the top of the hit parade come the big day. Obviously there are a few of the usual suspects and some familiar faces in the running but who is going to win through?


  • Will Cowells new winner beat the 8/1 odds?
  • Can Ed Sheeran be a 4/1 Xmas number one hit?
  • Should you bet on the Christmas number one to be the 8/1 David Bowie?
  • Has George Michael got this already wrapped up at 4/6?


A bet on the Christmas Number One can seem to many who prefer to bet on sports in the UK, and are therefore looking forward to the Halloween and Day of the Dead matches in the Champions League, a little on the frivolous side. However with the ongoing arguments over national identity dividing society like a layer cake cooked by Mary Berry on crack it’s quite nice there’s something disposable and fun we can wager on at BetVictor et al. It may be an irrelevance, but right now the world has enough serious.


So who is in the running for this prestigious piece of British eccentricity? Well we’ve the full spectrum of musicians to choose from and as usual even some people to whom the word musician might not be readily applied. The rise of Simon Cowell and his factory for the mediocre, The X Factor means that often the winner of the most recent series is in the race and worth a bet on the Christmas Number One because with the Cowell cabal behind it, there’s every chance it’ll be the best wager on the “Winner”.


Rihanna & Stormzy Look To Have Little Hope

Ariana Grande Christmas Charts

This year the X Factor winner is 8/1 to also be the winning bet on the Christmas Number One, the plastic personality and putrid performance probably paying off with the pod people who actually download singles. However the British public is well known for its sentimental streak and sometimes the saccharine sweet Cowell contrivance can produce a bit of a backlash which is why Adele also gets 8/1 to be worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws, as does the far more talented David Bowie.


Being dead is no barrier to Xmas No.1 success and so David Bowie could easily make it and the odds reflect how much more likely that is than 14/1 shot Justin Bieber, the 25/1 chance of Little Mix making it, or Ariana Grande, hovering around 33/1, getting the win in some sort of remembrance of the terrible tragedy in Manchester. Oddly this is supposedly more possible than either Rihanna, getting just 40/1, and Stormzy who gets the same odds if you bet on the Christmas Number One at BetVictor this year.


Bet On The Christmas Number One At BetVictor

Bet On The Christmas Number One

  • Ariana Grande – 33/1
  • Little Mix – 25/1
  • Justin Beiber – 14/1
  • X Factor 2017 Winner – 8/1
  • David Bowie – 8/1
  • Adele – 8/1
  • Ed Sheeran – 4/1
  • George Michael – 4/6

This being Britain naturally Sir Cliff Richard is in the mix, like herpes at an orgy, but thankfully is 50/1 to make it, the same as Mariah Carey. No one would disagree that both have their place at Xmas, of course, but at No.1? It seems unlikely. Indeed the old classics like Slade, Wizzard and The Pogues all get a look in at 100/1 which is no chance at all, but it’s a bet on the Christmas Number One at BetVictor or wherever and the holidays in Britain wouldn’t be the same without that trio of classic tunes.


Justin Bieber Christmas Charts

More realistically perhaps is Ed Sheeran despite his injury and if you bet on the Christmas Number One to be his then you’ll get 4/1 odds at sites like BetVictor although he’s not the current favorite, and if you’re in the UK gambling news headlines on the odds being slashed on Wham or George Michael grabbing the top spot to just 4/6 are wrong in some way you’re probably not familiar with just how the tabloids dig into this seasonal piece of silliness. Novelty wagers always lack gravitas, this one more than most, and they love it.

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