Check Out the Odds to Bet on White Christmas in the UK!

White Christmas UK Odds Betfair

Christmas is coming and that means we are soon to receive betting offers in Christmas themes…

The year is almost over, which means that Christmas is near. Soon all we’ll see will be snowmen and Christmas trees and all those Christmassy things in every shop we ever enter. If we want to keep us away from the Christmas-mass, we had the chance to just stay at home and hide from this mass hysteria.

Up until now. Because the Christmas hype will infect our favourite online sportsbook news sites in the UK as well and all we will see will be Christmas casino promotions at all online gambling sites and special betting odds at the best sports betting sites in the UK. Betfair Sportsbook already started it!

Bet on White Christmas in the UK!

Okay, the site is not (yet) decorated with Christmas trees and all that, but you can find something that is actually pretty cool. Check out the Special Bets and go for the White Christmas market: here you can bet on the weather! Which UK city will be covered in snow on Christmas Eve?

The most likely candidate is Dundee with 4.00 odds, but Glasgow and Manchester could also be full of snow with their 4.33 and 4.50 respective odds. Cardiff is, however, the least likely one of them: 7.00. Are you enjoying these types of novelty betting offers? Take a look at the latest review about Betfair Sportsbook and bet on White Christmas in the UK now!

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