7 Tips On How To Succeed At Skateboarding Before Tokyo 2020

One of five new sports at the 2020 Olympics, if you want to know how to succeed at skateboarding, here’s our 7 tips.

How To Succeed At Skateboarding

Finally granted a measure of legitimacy by being included in the lineup of sports at the 2020 Olympic Games this alternative mainstay breaks into the mainstream next summer, with the big bookies like Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Japan at the moment, ready to provide odds on the medalists. But if you dream of being on that podium in Tokyo and want to know how to succeed at skateboarding stay tuned because we have seven vital tips for you.

  1. Decide On A Deck

Whilst regulation sizes apply to the codified world of competitive events the design and paint job on your deck is something that those setting out to learn how to succeed at skateboarding often overlook. Vital for establishing an individual character and style to your appearances your deck will be instrumental in attracting sponsors and provide you with an identifiable brand fans can get behind. You may also wish to experiment with different deck surface treatments for better grip.

  1. Choose Your Trucks

There are several pitfalls to be avoided when learning how to succeed at skateboarding. For instance, on no account, unless you’ve a few hours to spare in deep discussion of tiny differences in ride height, wheel composition and ball bearing density, should you ask for advice on the trucks you should use on your board. Trial and error will provide the right ones just for you individually, but don’t bet on sports in Japan accepting unorthodox 60mm+ choices in 2020.

  1. Pick Your Tricks

How To Succeed At Skateboarding

You’ll quickly spot when seeking how to succeed at skateboarding that no one, not even the great Tony Hawk, is a master of all tricks. Rapidly discover where your skill lies and be sure to accentuate that in your routine because that’s where the medals will lie in the street events come next summer. Remember, if you can’t get your trick riding up to par don’t panic too much, there’s also the track shot of the park events too, and that’ll be far more about speed than skills. 

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Whilst all sports require a great deal of practice and effort few of them throw concrete in your face as often as this. When exploring how to succeed at skateboarding you’ll need to develop a very strong ‘get back on that horse’ mentality, especially during the long hours of practice and training in less than professional surroundings. Oh and don’t start learning Japanese gambling laws on public skating in that country will change because it’s in the Olympics. They won’t.

  1. Safety Safety Safety

How To Succeed At Skateboarding
Safety first!

About as cool as a baby in a microwave, the bulky kneepads, elbow protectors and helmets worn to prevent serious injury are just something you have to get used to. Desperately uncomfortable to begin with this can take time. However it’s worth it, the rewards are an ability to crash out as often as you like without having shattered kneecaps, a broken elbow or serious brain damage, all things very much to be avoided when getting to grips with how to succeed at skateboarding. 

  1. Be A Fashion Victim

How To Succeed At Skateboarding
You may not want to go overboard with your fashion choice though

Perhaps because the safety gear is so naff the clothing you get to be seen in will have to be on the very cutting edge of current skate fashions. Your shoes will have to be of a short-run limited-pairs release, or, if at all possible unique, although you should probably wait until after you’ve mastered how to succeed at skateboarding before commissioning your own footwear, shirts or helmet designs. Doing so once you have, of course, will play a part in your commercial success. 

  1. 2020 Olympic Games

It’ll be a while until Unibet, one of the very best online betting sites in Japan today, provide concrete skateboarding odds on the park and street events next summer, however you can bet on skateboarding to be granted a little more gravitas now it has been accepted by the IOC so it is a prime time to learn how to succeed at skateboarding. At the very least you’ll be able to capitalize on the resurgence in popularity this old X Games mainstay is likely to undergo after Tokyo 2020.

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