A Gambler’s Odyssey: Monte Carlo


Posted: June 25, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

A very obvious high roller destination is coming up: Monte Carlo. If you want to gamble in style, this is the place to be.

Ah, the seaside. The palm trees. The excessive opulence and the elegance that seeps from every pore of this city. Yes, I’m talking about Monte Carlo.

● Casino Monte Carlo is Bond-approved
● Elegance and class
● Seaside relaxation

This mini city has more royal flare than most European cities put together. It is the place for a true high roller. Only, that is, if the player is a real gentleman. Because here in Monte Carlo, people behave themselves. They stroll off their massive yachts and stroll around the city, shopping at the most expensive shops and playing at the iconic casino of the city. It is all very James Bond, if you ask me. Hop on a plane and see for yourself.

Where to stay?

Monaco accomodation

This hotel has been in the elite for a long-long time

Monte Carlo has numerous incredibly high-class luxury hotels, all you have to do is pick one (if you can…all look jaw-dropping.) The perfect hotels to chill out at and do some mobile casino gambling include the Hermitage (the definition of refined taste,) Le Meridien, Fairmont Hotel de Paris and Hotel Metropol Monte Carlo. Book suites with marvelous sea view, or order room service to have a party for your friends. Each hotel has a distinctive elegance in their design, but most are also very modern, fully equipped with the newest tech, best restaurants and all the wonderful amenities a person could wish for.

Where to eat?

Seaview restaurant Monaco

If you’re staying at the Hermitage you’re at luck: Your hotel boasts one of the best restaurants in the Riviera, Le Vistamar

Monte Carlo is the place for fine dining. Let’s get straight to it: Brasserie is a very special place. If you want to eat an extraordinary meal with the perfect wine overlooking a rose garden, this is your place. You could also eat at Le Vistamar Executive; it is as exclusive as it sounds. Headed by Chef Garault, this restaurant with a sea view is located at the opulent Hermitage. It’ll everything you could hope for. If you are a fan of Mediterranean dishes, Joël Robouchon is the restaurant for you to be at. It is a bit more laid back, and bears the name of the chef with the most Michelin stars.

Where to gamble?

Monaco roulette

Put you James Bond tux on, and go where they invented casinos as they are now

Bored with mobile casinos? Don’t you worry for a second! Monte Carlo has got your back, especially when it comes to gambling. Just remember the James Bond movie Casino Royal. A real high roller will gamble in one place when he visits Monaco, and that is the Casino Monte Carlo. Order a dry Martini for fun and unleash your skills at the poker tables. They have slots, craps, roulette, blackjack, trente et quarante, snap, video poker and baccarat, just to list a few games. Nothing can beat the ambiance of this place and way it’ll make you feel when you settle in for your first couple of rounds.

Fun and games

Monte Carlo James Bond Ferrari Aston Martin

Jump into your supercar and hit the hills, with some luck a Bond girl in a Ferrari will catch up with you

Once you’re in this stylish city, you absolutely have to take a tour around town. The Japanese Gardens are astoundingly beautiful and the Monte Carlo Harbor will make you gape in wonder at the massive yachts on water. The opera is also a must-see if you want to be considered a person with culture. Another option is to rent a supercar or a motorcycle and take a trip through the Côte d’Azur, visiting Nice and Cannes. Cannes is especially a wonderful place to be. Or, you could visit the aqua-world in Antibes and reserve tickets to pet dolphins. Once you’ve arrived back in Monte Carlo, go to the Opera, because it is truly worth checking out.

Unfortunately for men, there are no strip clubs in Monte Carlo. Although adult entertainment is not illegal, it is somewhat hard to find places that provide a more mature environment in which to party in. Beausoleil, near Monte Carlo, has a great Cabaret that you can see if you don’t want to stay cooped-up in your hotel suite playing on mobile betting sites. You should also pay a visit to the Prince’s Palace and Larvotto Beach; both will be great activities to unwind after a hard session of poker at the iconic Casino Monte Carlo.

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