A Gambling Man by David Baldacci

  • David Baldacci is a famous American novelist
  • His latest book is A Gambling Man, which belongs to the Archer-series
  • In the book we can read about corruption, gambling and drug operations in a small town
A Gambling Man

If you’re looking for a thrilling booking for the colder evenings getting into autumn, just check out the latest book of David Baldacci. In his latest novel, A Gambling Man his former character, the World War II veteran Aloysius Archer is out of prison and traveling to California in a hope of a new start. But it’s not the land he was dreaming of and might be his final resting place. 

You can find several books about gambling and the most useful tips and tricks, but this topic often comes up in other novels as well. Especially in crimes and thrillers where winning huge amounts in a casino can be a great starting point. Like it is in David Baldacci’s latest novel, A Gambling Man, which is the next part of the Archer series. In the first book, we could get to know the main character of these books, Aloysius Archer. He is a World War II veteran just released from prison and sent to the small town of Poca City. His tale continues now with his journey to California in the 1950s where he is hoping for a fresh start. But things got complicated there as well.

Reno and Casinos Appear in Baldacci’s New Novel, A Gambling Man

At the beginning of the new book, A Gambling Man, the main character, Aloysius Archer stops in Reno, the city famous for its casinos and gambling sites. He won a new car and some cash as well in a poker game, but soon debt collectors want to seize the car from him. Poker also features several other films and books, you can read more about them in our article here. Luckily you can also play the game on online poker sites in the US  like Intertops. Where you can still win great amounts and avoid such dangerous consequences.

But back to the book. Archer manages to escape along with his new partner,  a young actress, Liberty Callahan from their chasers. They travel together to California where new adventures await them. As Archer starts to work for a private investigator, Willie Dash, and soon gets involved in political blackmail. Through his investigation, we can get a glimpse of the dark side of Bay Town, including a gambling club, a brothel, and drug operations. It is an exciting plot with great characters and chilling scenes. So if you’re a fan of thrillers and the writer, David Baldacci, you should check this book out. And if you’d like to try gambling as well you can do it now from the safety of your home. Just visit one of the online gambling sites in the US. 

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