Odds on Oddity: Special Academy Awards 2021 Bets

  • The Oscars can’t avoid funny situations during its ceremonies
  • Next year’s predictions about awkward moments are already out
  • The 2021 Academy Awards is not postponed, just in case
Academy Awards 2021 bets

While trying to distract you from coronavirus with Academy Awards 2021 bets on possible nominees, we decided to cover some special predictions too. Take a look at the list of awkward moments that can happen at the next Oscars ceremony as there is no chance for it to be suspended.

Recently we wrote about the early-bird Oscar predictions about films that are most likely to get a nomination in 2021. This time, we decided to switch to a funnier topic that goes with almost every award ceremony. This is a possible list of awkward moments that can happen during the 93rd Academy Awards. Who will drop his Oscar this time? Who will make jokes about nominees? Check 1xBet Sportsbook predictions about all possible scenarios.

Academy Awards 2021 bets on awkward moments

Many Oscars ceremonies were memorable not because of winners, but thanks to funny moments that made everyone laugh. If you ever watched the Academy Awards live streams or at least followed news about winners, you might have heard about the most awkward situations. For example, the 2013 ceremony will be always remembered by Seth Macfarlane’s performance with a song “We Saw Your Boobs”. As host, Macfarlane decided to entertain the audience singing about actresses who filmed naked at least once. Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence’s reactions still make us smile. The last one gave us another memorable moment the same year when falling over the stairs due to her massive dress. 

Academy Awards 2021 bets
Bet on something special this time!

Another funny Oscars moment appeared thanks to John Travolta failing to pronounce Idina Menzel’s name and calling her Adele Dazeem in 2014. We can’t also forget Billie Eilish’s amazing reaction when she saw herself on screen this year. So, what can happen this year to entertain us once again?

According to online sportsbooks in Canada, the most possible incident that can take place in 2021 is dropping an Oscar. It makes sense as none of the previous curiosities repeated two or more times. Academy Awards 2021 bets give 13.00 odds on any actor or actress to drop his/her prize on stage and we can’t disagree that it is possible.

Who can host the show?

We probably won’t be mistaken stating that half of the funniest moments at the Oscars show emerge thanks to the hosts. We have already mentioned how Seth Macfarlane made the history with his song, so let’s switch to the other bright examples of funny hosts. Of course, Ellen Degeneres is the first who comes to mind. She was probably the best Oscars host of the last decade thanks to her sense of humor and charisma. Her jokes weren’t sexist or vulgar, but still funny, so you can bet on Ellen to host the show again with 15.00 odds.

The best 1xBet Sportsbook odds of 3.00 to host the show belong to Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. Two actresses won people’s hearts with their hilarious presentation of the Production Design nomination at the 2020 Oscars. People immediately wanted them to be the next hosts and they have the best chances to become ones by now.

How could we write about the most awkward Oscars moments and not to mention Anne Hathaway and James Franco? These two did everything to be remembered for ages, but not from a very positive side. Anne was overacting, James looked like he was high, but it was still funny to follow this strange duo on screen. We doubt that the Academy invites them again, but who knows. Follow our online sportsbook news to learn about the next host of the ceremony. We bet that there will be no one and you?

You can see more about these odds here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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