Special Sports You Can Bet On

  • You can discover several special sports on online betting sites
  • Bandy, Keirin and Hurling are a few of these
  • Horse racings and greyhound racings are also popular
special sports you can bet on

These sports are real delicacies and probably only the hardest gamblers would know them in normal circumstances. But now, when most of the sports are suspended or canceled, they can get more attention as odds are still available for them. From Bandy to Keirin, we show you all the special sports you can bet on. 

Some people have been already bored with betting on football, tennis or Formula 1, which are so common sports and the results are often very predictable. As there isn’t really any race or game in these sports at the moment, now it’s the perfect time to find a new, interesting sport. You can choose from team sports to races with animals, there are several special spots you can opt for. 

Bandy is just one of the special sports you can bet on

Though it’s slowly the end of the winter sports season, you can still make bets on the games in bandy. Bandy is a team sport played on ice, and it is similar to ice hockey and hockey. But surprisingly you can discover some similarities with football as well. It’s played with two teams of 11 players in 2×45 minutes halves on a football field-sized ice rink. Players use bowed sticks and a small ball during the game to score goals. Bandy was also the father of floorball. 

You can make bets on 1xBet Sportsbook for games in the Swedish top bandy league, called Elitserien. The sport has been very popular in the country since its introduction in 1895. 14 teams are playing in the top league. The season always ends on the third Saturday in March, which will be this weekend. Edsbyns and Villa Lidkoping will play in the final, with the home team having slightly smaller odds to win with 1.79. But Lidkoping is the defending champion and has the chance to keep the title. In the ladies’ championship, an even more exciting game is expected. Participating teams, Vasteras and Skutskar are having similar odds to win. 

A special cycling sport from Japan, Keirin

Probably you’re familiar with standard track cycling races, like the sprint and pursuit races. Keirin is similar to the individual sprint, but here 6-8 riders are on the track instead of two. They all follow a small moped like a pacer, which leads them with increasing speed before pulling off with two and a half laps to go. Riders use brakeless fixed-gear bicycles, often crashing out in the final lap. 

The sport is one of the favorites of online gambling sites in Japan. What’s more, keirin is one of five sports that it’s legal to bet on, which explains how more than 1,5 trillion Yuan is spent on bets every year. But now thanks to sites like 1xBet Sportsbook, you can also make a bet on the winner. And don’t worry if you miss betting on today’s race as the sport will be represented in the Olympic Games as well. 

Other sports from Asia

Staying in Japan, we should mention another traditional sport, sumo, which is also offered by online sportsbooks in Japan. At the moment you can bet on the Spring Tournament (Haru Basho) where all the top sumo wrestlers are taking part. If you are looking for even tougher sports, you can check the odds for different combat sports, like Cage Warriors or Glory Kickboxing, which is a premier stand-up combat league. 

Table sports

If you prefer less violent sports, don’t worry, you can find some more peaceful ones. Like chess or poker, where only your money can be at risk, and not the players. Now you have the option to bet on the Candidates Tournament in Russia, where the winner can meet the current chess world champion in the world champion match. In poker, there are several tournaments you can choose from. One of the biggest events of the year is the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. It will be held in Las Vegas on the 1st of July, fingers crossed. 

special sports you can bet on
You can bet on chess too – Image via Pixabay

Animal Sports 

If you want something more traditional, bet on a horse race. Luckily they are still going on all around the world. But there is a race involving another animal, in case you’re looking for something more special, greyhound racing. Here greyhounds race around a track, usually following an artificial lure that runs ahead of them. In many countries like Australia, Ireland, Spain, the US, and the UK, they are an important part of the gambling industry. 

But if you’re an animal lover, stay with humans. Irish sports like Gaelic football and hurling are also available to bet on. While its name explains a lot about Gaelic football, it is a bit more complex. The game is a combination of football and rugby, where players can kick or punch the ball to the other team’s goal or between two upright posts above the goals. Hurling is another Gaelic sport which shares some features with the Gaelic football. The main difference is that players here use a wooden stick to hit the ball into the goal or over the crossbar. You can find odds for the main championships on 1xBet. 

You can check out more special sports to bet on here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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