Acclaimed Researcher’s Roulette Winning Strategy Earns Him A Fortune

  • Renowned German born doctor dominated the biggest Casinos in the world thanks to a roulette winning strategy
  • Dr. Richard Jarecki perfected the bias wheel strategy to show that the roulette wasn’t a game of pure chance
Roulette Winning Strategy
You can apparently increase your chances to win with science

Renowned medical professor Dr. Richard Jarecki is famous for conquering casinos in Europe thanks to his roulette winning strategy. He cracked the casino game in the 1970s at grand casinos in Monaco, France, Germany and more. Jarecki successfully beat the game of chance but at the expense of many Casinos owners around Europe. 

German born Dr. Richard Jarecki set out to achieve what most seemed impossible, beating a machine at its own game. He perfected the roulette winning strategy, broke the bank numerous times and became the man who triumphed over machine.

Origins of Dr. Richard Jarecki’s roulette winning strategy

Most gamblers believed that pure luck was needed to win roulette. However, Jarecki realized that there had to be a system to predict the landing of the ball on the roulette wheel. He decided to prove this through elaborate observations and research in the 1960s.

Together with friends, he recorded data of spins on roulette wheels looking for statistical abnormalities. He was getting closer to establishing a complete roulette winning strategy based on the previous winning numbers.

However, he didn’t invent the strategy, it was in his own words, “something he perfected”. In the 19th century, Joseph Jagger pioneered the biased wheel strategy which would later be perfected by Jarecki. 

Roulette Winning Strategy
Scientists look at this wheel from a different point of view

Dr. Jarecki takes his roulette winning strategy to the grand Casinos of Europe

After more months of data collection, Jarecki now had the confidence to apply the roulette winning strategy in casinos. Although it was his first time to gamble, he trusted his research enough to wager his rainy day savings of $100.

His trust paid off big as he won $5000 which is around $41,000 today. As a result, Dr. Jarecki went on to bigger things by playing for higher stakes.

After moving to Germany from the US in the mid 1960s, Dr. Richard Jarecki enjoyed a successful medical research career. However, it was the casino’s that he was more interested in. These casinos were better than in America as they provided more odds. Much to Jarecki’s delight, the state of their roulette wheels were also in a much worse condition.

After taking out a hefty loan, Jarecki went on to dominate some of the biggest names in European Casinos. He put his roulette winning strategy to good use in casinos in:

  • Monte Carlo
  • France- Divonne-les-Bains  
  • Germany- Baden-Baden
  • San Remo.

According to the online casino news in Germany, Jarecki’s 6 month casino run earned him around $6,700,00 in today’s value. However, his would soon build a bad reputation among casino owners in the continent.

Roulette Winning Strategy
Monte Carlo Casino

Dr. Richard Jarecki builds up a menacing reputation in European Casinos  

By the end of the 1960s, Jarecki kept on winning millions thanks to his roulette winning strategy. However, a bit too much according to several casino owners in Europe as he put several businesses at risk of bankruptcy. In one such case, casino directors in San Remo had to replace 24 of their roulette wheels. This was their best attempt at stopping the best roulette player in the world.

Roulette takes on major changes

Casino’s soon heavily invested in reducing the imperfections on their wheels following Jarecki’s roulette winning strategy. Luckily you can also enjoy online casino games from top providers such as Bet365 Casino. Be sure to read about Bet365 Casino, one of the best online casinos in Germany.

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