Adventurous and thrilling: Top Eight International Marathon Destinations that Give Us Goosebumps

Great Wall of China, marathon

This list covers the eight best places to run a marathon around the world, each set in extraordinary destinations.

For all those runner enthusiasts out there, here is a compilation of eight excellent destinations for marathons. The list consists of remarkable destinations that everyone who loves to run outdoors should consider tackling. Even if the lucky participants don’t get to beat their own records, each of them will definitely feel like they’ve won a medal after running in such fascinating places!

The Great Wall

Since the first marathon in 1999, the Great Wall Marathon event hosts 2,500 runners from more than 60 countries each year. The historic atmosphere, crossing bridges, villages and running up at least 5,000 steps will definitely make running a marathon in this place an event to remember! The track is mainly asphalt, but there are some sections that might prove rocky, be careful when running through these parts.


Running in the mystical Land of the Thunder Dragon will most probably become one of the best experiences in life. The natural environment in which the course is set remains untouched; the protection of wildlife is extremely important in Bhutan. Take a stride along the river Mo Chhu and cross a 90-meter suspension bridge over the Pho Chhu – something thrilling that will stay in your memories for a long time to come.

Petra Desert

According to gambling news, running in the Petra desert is like going on a journey back in time. The Jordanian scenery is nothing if not heart-stopping: it is packed with ancient monasteries and tombs, all carved into the mountainside, abundant with archeological wonders. There are a lot of uphill runs, but each time, the battle is worth it: on sunny days, one can get a glimpse of Israel as well as the herculean mountains.

The Polar Circle

Polar circle marathon run

People deciding to run in the Polar Circle should not forget to pack a coat, because temperatures can drop to as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The landscape, however, is breathtaking (no, not because of the extreme cold). Oxen and arctic foxes roaming the ice cap, the snow glistening in the sunshine and a sky so blue that it is bordering on unbelievable. Anyone who is on a mission to find novelty and adventure should try it.

The French Riviera

The course through the most characteristic French seaside towns is casually flat, so it can be considered an easy run.

• Special destinations for a marathon
• Run along the seaside or on ice caps
• Historic and thrilling places to run at

Start in Nice, at the garden of Albert 1st and run through Cannes and Antibes, all while breathing in the fresh, salty ocean air and basking in the old French village atmosphere. Delightful houses, alluring gardens with waterfalls and even French poker rooms await runners willing to open their hearts up to the French shores.

The Bagan Temples, Myanmar

A real challenge to runners all round the world, this dusty, scorching track is a real test of strength and determination. Nevertheless, the surroundings will make athletes forget all of the hardship: age-old tombs and memorable temples, small villages with friendly locals can make a large part of the fatigue disappear. The strong-willed sportsmen should be prepared, however, to run on dirt for the most part.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honululu Marathon 2013

When the tropics come to mind, most think of a holiday and cocktails on the beach. Mobile betting sites, on the other hand, say that going on a run along the Pacific coastline is so much better. A climb up the Diamond Head volcanic crater is undeniably a spectacular experience, although could be difficult with the heat and humidity. Along the course is the only royal palace in the United States, Iolani Palace, which will absolutely prove to be memorable.

Athens, Greece

The Mecca of all runners: the battlefield in the town of Marathon. Follow Pheidippides’ heroic route along significant landscapes like the Tomb of Marathon where the Athenian soldiers are buried. Be inspired by athletic excellence and run uphill to reach the astounding Panathenaic Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place. With all the memorable architecture, no marathoner will notice the sizzling heat!

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