After Great Outcome in Arizona, Clinton showing weakness and gets burned by Bernie in Idaho and Utah Democratic Caucuses

Hillary Clinton is the betting favourite to win the nomination but in recent times Clinton shows weakness

Hoping to Avoid Nominating Contest, Clinton Showing Weakness after Idaho and Utah Blow, But Still in the Lead With Delegates

Democratic Nominee odds at Bet365 Sportsbook

  • Clinton at 1.04 (1/25)
  • Sanders at 12.00 (11/1)

Clinton won a victory in Arizona with a 75 Democratic delegate gain, her biggest feat so far and put Sanders in the dust, in terms of his stance in the long run. What we now know is her win has given Sanders the difficult if not impossible task of getting out with more delegates. What we couldn’t forsee would be the true turn of events in his lustrous outcomes in Utah and Idaho. But this still might not be enough. Whatever it is, for bettors, US gambling laws prohibit gambling on these elections but UK gamblers have no problem and are having a splendid time doing it.

We seem to be getting into the nitty gritty of the Primary Elections, where we have at least some clues as to how Americans will vote. In this election, what we find, in particular, is that there are a set of Candidates who are willing to put anything and everything on the line, and that could be everything, in order to win. With very diverse backgrounds, each candidate caters to a very specific demographic and what is now proving to be a broad spectrum of interests. Stereotypes are challenged everyday, a Republican isn’t what a Republican was before, as far as Trump is concerned and well, a Democratic isn’t … the same. So… As of now, prediction seems to be a punter’s dream, as moment by moment, minute by minute bizarre and surreal changes are commonplace.

Taking into Account the Wins and Blows of Trump and Cruz, The Volatile Boiling of the Elections Makes for Interesting Betting

Republican Nominee odds at Bet365 Sportsbook

  • Trump at 1.25 (1/4)
  • Cruz at 6.50 (11/2)
  • Kasich at 10.00 (9/1)

As we could see, Trump won Arizona, while Cruz comfortably and easily slid through Utah with over 50% of the votes. Speculation is that this could slow down Trump, some even say stopping him, with Cruz’s win of Utah’s 40 delegates. However, this only instills hope and really shouldn’t be considered a legitimate fact. Whatever the case may be, online gambling news in the US reports that people around the world are betting against Trump.

Sanders winning Utah proved that stereotypes are changing and this makes for a juicy and interesting primary, and soon to be general, election. A 80% win in a relatively predominately white, extremely religious and conservative community, proved that interests are shifting, and people are questioning. Trump’s loss in Mormon Utah reflected that even conservatives question the Republican Party’s front-runner.

Speaking in Seattle in The Aftermath of Brussels, Though Appearing Strong Clinton Shows Weakness By Reiterating Her Points, Over and Over Again

So what if Clinton is making a landslide feat on her side of politics? Her win in Arizona has increased her confidence, yet her losses in Utah and Idaho have revealed her difficulty in succeeding in white states that vote through caucuses. They like Bernie. Should this be the trend, then Alaska and Washington are more likely to go for Sanders and reveal more of Clinton’s vulnerabilities in these states, within the Democratic party and for Democrats themselves.

With Republicans, her stance still seems stale and staggered with the fate of those in Brussels as a her primary focus on attempting to point out Trump’s approach on the American mind. By using Trump’s fear instilling tactics, at a supporter rally in Seattle, she rebuked that the “last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who incite more fear”.

Attempts by Republicans to Stop Trump Just Stumped By Arizona Win

Trumps intentions were to win Arizona by a wide margin and that he did. He surpassed the votes received by Cruz and Kasich of Ohio, combined. What can be understood, and what will be anticipated, is should his opponents not beat him in Wisconsin, which is in about two weeks, Trump will be unstoppable and will probably, most likely, take the nomination.

Looking into the Past Will Help Foresee the Future

Let’s take a quick look into Trump’s recent romp up until now. He won four out of five contests on March 15th, only a week ago. Then Florida and Illinois where he blew Cruz out of vision. Arizona only strengthened his stance, and placement in the elections. He schmoozed his supporters, and gave extended, expressive and detailed events for his supporters, being the proper showman he was always meant to be. And Trump was privy to their convenient 26 day voting process BEFORE the primary, ample time for him to stack his triumphs gaining and leading now with now 738 delegates making only 1,237 more to win.

Donald Trump

Possible president Donald Trump (Photo: Hollywood Reporter)

His argument on immigration ruffled some feathers and angered others, but most importantly allied him with very deeply immigration hard-asses such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio. What is amazing, is Democratic attempts to thwart this alliance didn’t work as well as they thought; in fact, it divided the trust of political tactics in the eyes of spectators while making them question their own morals. This small example can represent the current approach in the elections over all. Depending on one’s preference of character and morals, betting on US Presidential candidates could never be as interesting as now.

So Many Factors and So Little Time

Whatever the case may be, the competition of American politics and especially in Primary Elections, the stakes are high as well as different factors are constantly at play. Like a domino effect, every piece of the machinery counts. Clinton is going steady and with full steam, her effervescence and determination will scare and attract voters, perhaps even losing some. Trump on the other hand will amp up his fear factor tactics and who knows? Split the Republicans apart. While Sanders? His idealistic stance just might be too socialist for the average American, whatever they might think socialism is. Times are hard and this proves to be one of the most interesting elections in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Keep an eye out here and get up to date gambling news on the 2016 Primary Elections!

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