Air Hockey Betting Guide – All Competitions to Follow

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air hockey betting

Have you ever heard about air hockey betting? Yes, this entertaining game from shopping malls has its own leagues, championships, and other forms of competition. Wagering on air hockey is also a great opportunity to raise some money, so let’s check where and how you can bet on this popular game.

Air hockey is a game everyone knows about. It is a popular entertaining game for children and adults which is slightly based on ice hockey. If you haven’t seen it, the game is played on a low-friction table with two strikers and a puck. In general, two players compete with each other until someone wins, but there can be four competitors in some cases. To win, one of the players has to score as much as possible until the game is over.

Although air hockey is a typical game for shopping centers and amusement parks, it is also available for betting at online sportsbooks in Poland. Let’s see how you can make money from this game.

Air hockey betting tips: where to follow the games?

Like any other kind of sport or sports game, air hockey is also played on a professional level. Like darts and pool, air hockey has its own championships and competitions with live coverage and rewards. You can even bet on some of them at online gambling sites in Poland, but what are they?

USAA World Championships – the first one

The USAA World Championships is the most popular competition in air hockey. It has been taking place annually since 1978 in the United States. Predictably, 95% of all winners were Americans with few exceptions. In 1999 and 2000, Jose Mora from Venezuela won the tournament and finished as a runner-up in 2003. Another Venezuelan, Pedro Otero, finished third and second in 2013 and 2015 correspondingly. Finally, Vadim Chizhevskiy from Russia entered the top-2 in 2017.

air hockey betting
Let’s bet!

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AHPA World Championship in air hockey

The AHPA World Championship is the youngest of all air hockey competitions. Launched in 2015, it takes place annually in the US among professionals. Colin Cummings from the US has won all first-place prizes since the date the championship was on. Betting on him makes sense next year too, don’t you think so?

Infinity Cup and various national Opens

Air hockey betting odds are also available on such championships as the Women’s Infinity Cup that takes place this fall. Besides the ladies’ competitions, you can follow such championships as:

  • American (US) air hockey championship
  • Russian championship
  • Catalan championship
  • European championship

Most of them are broadcast live at 22Bet Sportsbook. If you still doubt whether you should join or not, read about 5 reasons to gamble online.

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