Alternative Defending Ways in Football: How to Block Corners

Best Football Tactics Ever

Not so long ago, the fans of English lower leagues have had the chance to enjoy one of the weirdest football moments of all time when the attacking team took a corner and the defending side presented the perfect way on how to block corners.

If you ever played football, you know that defending a corner can be pretty tricky sometimes. The odds at online sportsbooks in the UK drop down for a goal to be scored because anybody at any time can come forward and score a goal like Sergio Ramos does whenever Real Madrid are in trouble. However, luckily for us, football fans, there are always innovative coaches who solve problems perfectly.

Take a look at this video for example.

Elegance: 100%; Thoughtfulness: 100%; Execution: 90%. The goalkeeper went out to attack the ball and short players were standing on the right edge. If the player shoots the top right corner, it’s a sure goal. The players need to get better organized if they plan on continuing with this way of dealing with defending corners.

Need a fast goal? Do this:

While we still have to wait for quite some time till this tactics on how to defend corners become mainstream and we can see this way of dealing with corners, we can sure learn a lot more football tactics from low-league coaches who invent the best tactics to win their games. For example, let’s imagine what the coach of this guy could have told his players before the game begun:

Accuracy: 100%, Luck: 10%, Thoughtfulness: 50%, Level of Joga Bonito: 0%. If you ever played amateur football, you must have met that one guy who never passed, always just shot the ball. And never scored because he sucked but at least was a selfish prick. Now that’s this guy, with a lot of luck. You could just go to any online sportsbooks and bet on him never to do this again successfully. However, the goal of his life has already been scored, so…who cares?

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