You Won’t Believe Some of the Hilarious Donald Trump Bets Available Today

Bet on Donald Trump 2017

Members of Paddy Power now have access to some of the most hilarious Donald Trump bets ranging from his personal style to foreign relations.

We at GamingZion have already covered a wide range of Donald Trump novelty bets. Now, after more than two months in office, Paddy Power is offering a huge list of hilarious new Trump special bets. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best.

Donald Trump Appearance Bets

Trump Appearance Bets

  • Trump admitting hair surgery: 2/1
  • Trump growing facial hair: 150/1
  • Trump surgically enhancing his hands: 500/1

Trump’s personal appearance has become part of his brand. Speculation has been rampant over whether he’s had surgery, and if his hair is real, and now Paddy Power is allowing their members to bet on how he may change his appearance.

You can bet on Trump admitting to having hair surgery sometime during his presidency. The odds for this admission are set at 2/1. You can also bet on if Donald decides to grow out some facial hair into a Hitler mustache. The odds here are set at 150/1. However unlikely it may be, you can actually bet on Trump surgically enhancing his hands. The odds for this happening during his time in office are set at 500/1.

Donald Trump Narcissism Bets

It’s not hard to understand why some people classify Donald Trump as a narcissist. He’s brash, unfiltered, and has an exaggerated feeling of self-importance. It’s understandable in some ways, as he managed to make UK gambling news by becoming one of the most powerful people in the world, but this narcissism has cause him some problems over the past several years.

Trump Navy Ship

Will we see a USS Donald Trump sometime in the future?

Some of the most hilarious Donald Trump bets you can now make are on what narcissistic things he does while president. Will Donald name a US Navy Ship after himself? The odds are set at 9/1. You can also bet on Trump having his likeness printed on US currency. The odds here are at 100/1.

Donald Trump Religion Bets

Religion has been one of the most controversial subjects surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency, and Paddy Power is now offering some great bets on the topic. These may not exactly be the most hilarious Donald Trump bets, but they’re certainly interesting and worth taking a look at.

The first religion bet we’ll take a look at is for Trump to deny the existence of god. He’s said before that he’s a Christian, but some are casting doubt on the validity of these claims. The odds that Trump denies god are set at 20/1. Donald certainly hasn’t made many friends in the Muslim community, but perhaps a change of heart will take place in the future. The odds for Trump converting to Islam are set at 50/1.

More Hilarious Donald Trump Bets

The final few hilarious Donald Trump bets we’ll look at don’t necessarily have a subject and may be highly unlikely, but they’re offering some great odds to make money. The first bet is on Joe Biden punching Donald Trump in the face at an event. It’s hard to recall a fist fight breaking out at a political event, but anything’s possible right? The odds for Joe to test his boxing against Trump are set at 100/1.

Joe Biden in 2017

Biden is said to have a mean right hand (photo:

The reports of Trump with Russian prostitutes have been debunked, but that doesn’t mean a sex tape couldn’t be released in the future. The odds for a Donald Trump sex tape to be released in 2017 are set at 14/1.

Some of the hilarious Donald Trump bets available at Paddy Power are a little ridiculous, but as we mentioned before, anything can happen in the political landscape of 2017. Will any of these take place while Trump’s in office? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of online sportsbooks in the UK for a full list of great sites offering political bets!

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