Amir Khan vs. Chris Algieri: A review of their bout

Posted: June 2, 2015

Updated: June 2, 2015

A look at the bout round by round.

Amir Khan has just defeated Algieri by unanimous decision in their bout last Friday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Khan is clearly the most commercial opponent that Mayweather could choose as an option for his last fight that will take place in September. Khan has already lost two opportunities to take on Mayweather and hasn’t completely given up yet. The British fighter is a former two-time world champion whose won the WBA, WBA Super Welterweight and IBF Light Welterweight titles.

• Towards the end of the 3rd round the crowd begins to chant Algieri’s name
• Algieri decided to counter with a right the clearly sat Khan back in round 8
• Final voting by the judges ruled in Khan’s favor 115-113, 117-111 and 117-111

Chris Algieri is a former WBO Lightweight Champion, ISKA World Welterweight and WKA World Super Welterweight champion whose currently a Light Welterweight. The New Yorker hold a Bachelor Degree in Health care and a Masters degree NY Institute of Technology. Khan wanted an easy opponent in Algieri. Though the bout didn’t rock US gambling news, Algieri was disappointed with his performance even though he surprised everyone who was in attendance.

Algieri pressured in the first and unloaded on Khan in the fourth

Khan on the floor against Algieri

Round 1 started with Khan getting in a quick two hand combination. Algieri, not appearing terribly affected, surprisingly headed towards Khan. Against the rope, Algieri landed in a nice combination and an addition short left as Khan tried to counter. Algieri came through again with a right cross square on Khan’s jaw. Despite a superior effort, Khan’s counterpunched affording him the win.

The second round started with a more aggressive Algieri who took the fight towards Khan. As he backed Khan up, Khan was able to get some shots in going backwards. Khan didn’t appear to be pressured, but Algieri continued on the inside to get some hits in before the round ended. In the third round, Algieri continued to move after Khan around the ring. The crowd began to chant Algieri’s name as he punched at Khan with everything.

Round 4 presents a more confident Algieri who tried to use strategy. After Khan performed a brutal combination in the body, Algieri gave a left hook shot. After an exchange, Algieri unloaded a right hook through Khan’s jaw. In the next round Algieri continued to pressure Khan. While trying to find a place to gain leverage, Khan slipped. Algieri was clearly the workhorse in this round. Punters still may have felt a bit of hope if their online betting went in favor of Algieri.

Round 6 showed a renewed Khan who came out performing a combination on Algieri. Possibly fatigued, Algieri stepped back from the pressure giving Khan room to show off his abilities. In the next round, Algieri’s break is over and he got in close to Khan, but Khan turned it around on him by putting Algieri into a corner and started landing combinations. Khan was able to get his jab in first as Algieri’s eye looked like it’s taken a bit of damage.

Khan was displaying more energy out classes Algieri in later rounds

Khan Algieri 2015

Khan came out in the eighth round with nice combinations. Algieri decided to counter with a right that clearly sat Khan back. The pace of the fight picked up again as Algieri launched a stronger right snapping Khan’s head back as he continued to land combinations. In round 9, Khan punched more accurately. Algieri didn’t give up on controlling the fight. A mean left from Algieri coincided with the bell.

Round 10 opened with a counter right from Khan. Algieri is back to his “rest mode” Khan once again took advantage of the moment and started to land heavier body and head shots. One massive shot after the other. Within the last 10 seconds, Algieri got one more big right in that landed unevenly. Not acting as though he’s been through nine rounds, Khan clearly in controlled of the fight.

In the next round, Khan continued to hit more accurately nailing Algieri in the head and body. Algieri, the man of persistency, still moved forward while giving shots as though he wanted to end it. Algieri landed big and Khan sent back a sweet combination. Both fighters began to circle as the bell rang. Probably the least impressive round, but somehow Khan won it anyway. US gambling laws aside, I would have wagered on performance stats rather than judging stats.

In the final round, Khan appeared the more energetic fighter. Algieri wanted to fight bigger, to be taken more seriously. The fight went flaccid through the middle with Khan was continuously moving while throwing combinations. Algieri kept the pressure, but it was to no avail. The final voting by the judges ruled in Khan’s favor 115-113, 117-111 and 117-111. Both fighters were disappointed at their performance, but Algieri’s gritty performance seemed to have won the crowd.

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