UK Gambling Commission Gives Additional Funds to 666Bet


Posted: June 2, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

The UK Gambling Commission gives extra funds to Metro Play and 666Bet so that they can pay their withdrawing players.

Online gambling sites in UK report that the UK Gambling Commission’s latest plan to pay the players who are left without their money, is to give extra funds to those two casinos who have failed to pay them. Metro Play’s and 666Bet’s gambling license has been suspended by UKGC which caused that the customers could not access their accounts to withdraw their money.

666Bet have appointed Skrill’s system so that their users were going to be able to receive their money through the bank, however many customers of the online internet casino kept reporting problems. It happened in last month when UKGC declared they had believed that a huge number of customers have been paid out.

Players were not paid due to lack of funds

The UK regulatory body stated that the players were not able to receive their earning because the casinos were lacking the necessary funds. Chairman of Metro Play has said that customers will be paid out even though they cannot access their accounts. The casino’s statement declared that customers will need to contact them via e-mail.

The popular mobile casino gambling destination’s representatives also declared that they will be searching for an alternative solution to pay their players, such as Skrill, for example. They also promised to contact all players by e-mail by this weekend and continue aying outs manually once they receive all the needed information.

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