Ancient German Granny Targeted by Lottery Hustlers Worldwide

Elderly 85 year old German senior citizen is targeted by every conman and illegal lottery hustler from around the world.

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Mrs. Ruth Niedermayer, an 85 year old German senior citizen, has lived a long and happy life in Cologne. The community has known her as a gentle, cheerful soul with a knack for always seeing the good in all around her.

Mrs. Niedermayer has never visited a casino and is uncertain if lottery is even legal under the
German gambling laws. She lives a quiet life, and as her neighbors often say, she is “forgotten by the world.”

Mrs. Ruth Niedermayer is far from forgotten by the world, and in fact could very well claim the title of being the most well-known 85 year old German woman alive. Each day her name is on the lips of thousands of hustlers, conmen, scammers, charlatans, imposters, swindlers and cheats.

Mrs. Ruth is quite famous in the dingy internet cafes in Nigeria as well as in the opium smoke filled gambling parlors in the depths of Mumbai’s Dharavi slum. Her name is known by Turkish promoters of illegal
online casino in Germany, by Somali pirates and by the  Nepalese Sherpa ‘silent ones’.

She has been called the eternal light by Eskimo forgers, Mai Hom-Yai by the Burmese lady boys, and Chi-Chonga by the pygmies of equatorial Africa. According to
online gambling news in Germany, Hungarian Gypsies venerate her as the living patron saint of illegal lottery.

In the deepest jungles of Patagonia, intricately tattooed natives bow before the crudely carved blood splattered idol of Mrs. Ruth Niedermayer.

Back in Cologne, Mrs. Niedermayer begins shifting through the enormous pile of her daily mail, more worthy of a teenage heartthrob than an octogenarian stamp collector. Each day hundreds of letters arrive with Mrs. Niedermayer’s name printed, stamped, scribbled or chiseled on the front of the envelope.

Mrs. Niedermayer carefully steams the stamps off each letter, discarding the unopened and unread contents to a box for recycling. The letters judging by the stamps come from every country on Earth but surprisingly all contain the same simple request.

The lottery commission of some country wishes to notify Mrs. Niedermayer that she has won the lottery between 1000 and 1 billion euros and in order to collect a simple 40 euro money order is required.

So far Mrs. Niedermayer never sent the 40 euros making her that ultimate unattainable prize, the white whale of fake lottery hustlers from around the globe.

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