Are Online Casino Games Rigged or Is It Just a Myth?


Posted: September 28, 2020

Updated: September 28, 2020

  • The casino games have the house advantage
  • Online casinos can't risk their reputation to cheat

The question “are online casino games rigged” always crosses the mind of newbie gamblers. Particularly, when they get unlucky and lose a few rounds in a row at online casinos in the US. Well, that’s understandable – when you keep losing and losing, you want to know the reason for that.

And some people are just nosy about knowing whether online casinos are fair or not. So, if you are one of those questioning this matter, keep reading! We’ll clear some things out for you, so that the next time you enter one of online casinos, you know what you’re going to deal with.

Are Online Casino Games Rigged? The Casinos Just Have House Advantage

You probably heard the phrase “the house always wins”. And that’s not for nothing. For all that, why the house always wins? Is there any logical explanation, is it a chance, or are the casino games rigged indeed? These and many questions come up to your mind when you hear the phrase or start gambling.

Well, online casinos don’t need to do any alterations with the games. Their nature has done everything. That simply means that every game has its house advantage that lets the house win in the long-run. That’s just what lets the house exist.

Nevertheless, you can look for the games that have the best winning odds for you to stick to them.

Random Number Generators Make It All Random, So, There Is No Place for Cheating

What you should about next is the random number generators (RNG) and how RNG works in gambling.

Software-based gambling uses random number generators. They’re crucial in ensuring fairness while playing. And it’s more complicated than you might think. They’re applying different algorithms to make all the results random. So, even if you look down the statistics, you won’t be able to predict the results. Thus, when you think of “are casino games rigged”, always remember about the random number generators.

are online casino games rigged
Do they trick you?

Auditors Are Inspecting Online Casinos

Online casinos must have tests by independent auditors. Their examination is what proves that it’s all fair and that the gamblers can trust the website. They check for the presence of licenses and make sure the website is the right one to trust to.  So,  auditing services are some of the things that make online casinos safe and secure.

Stick to the Websites That Use Data Encryption

When you are questioning “are casino games rigged” you might not even think of data encryption there. But in fact, it’s important. Data encryption is what protects our confidential information safe and secure and does not third parties interfere.

SSL is one of the leading data encryption forms. Most reputable sites stick to using it since it helps to convert all your personal details into codes.

Therefore, make sure that the website you are gambling at, uses data encryption to keep your information secure. Since the websites that don’t use safe data encryption forms put our personal details in danger.

What Else You Should Pay Attention to Besides the Question “Are Casino Games Rigged”?

All this information makes us now think – how, then, to spot a casino that is rigged? In fact, it’s easier than you might think. There are a few things that you can do to ensure your safety at online casinos. If you have doubts regarding the website, it’s not a big deal to find out if it’s a good one. Just do some research before you start gambling. Read the blacklists first where you will have a definite list of sites to avoid.

are online casino games rigged
Play it safe!

Nevertheless, the issue “are casino games rigged or not” is not the only thing you should pay attention to. The license. Always check for the presence of a license on the website. And if you cannot find it anywhere, don’t just let it go. Leave the website and look for something else.

Pay attention to payment options. Reliable sites usually offer several payment options to the gamblers.

Bonuses. If you see too large online gambling bonuses in the US, it’s not a sign of generosity. It’s rather a sign that you should leave.

These and some other signs will warn about leaving a website on time. And make sure you got familiar with the terms and conditions before you start gambling.

Online Casinos Simply Cannot Put All Their Efforts Into Danger by Cheating

In the end, reputable online gambling sites in the US can’t just put it all at risk and do cheating. Casinos that have been around for many years have already built their reputation in the minds of gamblers.

It’s very easy to spot a fake casino online, so, they would instantly get caught and lose all their users in a moment. So, why would they destroy it all by cheating on their users? Sounds illogical, right? Therefore, if you find a website with good reviews, you can really trust it. CyberBingo is one of those websites that has built its reputation strong and lets no cheating take place.

These also help in making the competition in the online gambling industry healthy indeed. You can choose the casino based on its performance, its odds, and easily avoid gambling at unsafe gambling sites. So, at safe websites you will no longer be questioning “are casino games rigged”.

You can discover more about CyberBingo here.

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