Armenian Election Betting Odds on Potential Low Voter Turnout

  • In 2018 only 48.62 percent of eligible voters cast their votes
  • The opposition threatens to boycott the June parliamentary elections
Armenian election betting odds

Armenia is about to hold an early parliamentary election on 20 June. Needless to say, all the attention goes to the main contenders and the potential winners and losers of the election. However, there is another big concern, which is voter turnout. Thus, we discuss the expectations of how many eligible voters will likely participate in June and what the Armenian election betting odds indicate.

Armenia’s prime minister Nikol Pashinyan since 2018 has officially announced the country will go to the parliamentary elections. The elections that were originally scheduled for December 2023 are now set for 20 June 2021. Observers at online sportsbook news sites in Armenia were expecting such an announcement to come at any moment due to the ongoing crisis.

The country has been in a political crisis for months, with anti-government protests taking place before many governmental buildings. In response, the prime minister decided to go for a snap election with an agreement with the opposition parties. Mr. Pashinyan said: “Snap parliamentary elections are the best way out of the current internal political situation,” according to Aljazeera.

Expectations and projections have started to come out about the list of political parties, and the potential party winners and losers. But, there is another big concern about the total voter turnout. Here is why this concern exists and what Armenian election betting odds suggest.

Voter turnout may not exceed 50%

Looking at the Armenian election betting odds offered by 22BET Sportsbook, voter turnout may be under/over 1,300,000 at a 1.85 value. In other words, the turnout is at serious risk not to exceed 50 percent of the total eligible voters. However, this percentage is not new at all, rather Armenians have been passive for years.

Armenian election betting odds
Who will win?

In 2018, the ruling party ‘My Step’ won by a landslide of 70 percent of the vote. Thus, it seized 88 of the 132 seats in Armina’s single-chamber parliament. Despite that, only 48.62 percent of the eligible voters cast their votes, according to That was a crushing 12 percent less than the 2017 election.

As for the upcoming election, AP reported the opposition ‘Prosperous Armenia’ and ‘Bright Armina’ remains divided on the idea of participation or boycott of the election. It remains to be seen what will happen, but as online sportsbooks in Armenia suggest nothing is guaranteed at this point.

Armenia election betting odds on blank papers

The prospects of low voter turnout are not only affected by a potential boycott but also invalid or blank papers. In 2018, there were particularly 4,707 invalid ballot papers, which is 0.37 percent of the total votes. For June, Armenia election betting odds indicate the number may exceed 5,000 at a 1.85 value.

According to, the increase in blank ballot papers may seriously take place. The main reason is that Armenians suffer from a substantial loss of trust in the government and the opposition. So, their decision will likely go for either boycotting the election or casting a blank ballot paper.

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