Portuguese Grand Prix Sponsors – Who is In?

  • Sponsor partnerships are beneficial for both sides
  • 888 Holdings is one of the sponsors of the Portuguese Grand Prix 2021
  • The event is named after the main sponsor: Grande Prémio 888 de Portugal
Portuguese Grand Prix Sponsors

Have you ever wondered how your favorite betting sites’ logos get on footballers’ t-shirts? Or on the side of tennis courts during great matches? Or on the surface of sports cars in grand races? Well, these are all thanks to sponsorship agreements! And this is the way how 888 became one of the sponsors of the Portuguese Grand Prix.

We have heard about so many flourishing partnerships between gambling operators and brands or sports – or any other – events. Just think about Betway sponsoring the Miami Open! There is also Unibet and the Swedish Poker Championships. Or we could mention Bet365 and Spotlight Sports Group, you name it! When it comes to these agreements both sides are winning sides. So, it is not a big surprise that we can see many of these. But why are these deals beneficial for both sides? And how come that 888 Holdings – operating 888sport and 888casino – became the main sponsor of the Portuguese Grand Prix from many potential sponsors?

Win-win situation

There are all the brands, sports teams, events – and basically anything you can imagine – that wish to get sponsored by gambling operators. These operators pay loads of money to appear in different environments – where they can reach potential customers. Just think about it: there are several online gambling sites in Portugal, which would be happy to get featured in events broadcasted by television – just as one example. This practice also raises the credibility of operators, which is also an important side effect. And for the athletes, the teams, and the events it is a great thing to sell advertising spaces. They get huge amounts of money that they can use as input. Athletes might use it for better gear or more professional training. And events can use it for literally anything during the organization. So, here is why 888 Holdings became one of the sponsors of the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Portuguese Grand Prix Sponsors
Let’s race!

Grande Prémio 888 de Portugal

Since the Gibraltar-based gaming group, 888 Holding signed the agreement, it officially became the main sponsor of the Portuguese Grand Prix. The event due to happen in 2021 is even named after the sponsorship: Grande Prémio 888 de Portugal. Well, with this title the 888sport could see a major rise in bets placed on the site, during the game! And it is not just the increased attention that does good for the brand. It is also a question of positioning it in the gambling world. As Monica Rangel, the Head of PT Markets (888 Portugal) put it: “It is a thrilling moment for everyone at 888 while we position ourselves as unequivocal supporters for motorcycle sports globally.”

The event itself will take place from April 16 to April 18 in 2021 at Autodromo Internacional do Algarve. It will attract several sports fans on the site, that is for sure. And surely it will make many wagers to place some bets online, on online sportsbook sites in Portugal as well.

Portuguese Grand Prix sponsors

According to statements, the setting of the agreement is satisfying for both sides so far. “We are very happy to welcome 888 as title sponsor for the Portuguese Grand Prix and see the 888 names take top billing at one of the most spectacular tracks on the calendar. 888 is a well-known and respected name in the field and we’re very happy to welcome them back to MotoGP.” – said Pau Serracanta, the managing director of Dorna Sports. Rangel also added: “In challenging times, we consider this a true sign of confidence for Portugal and a clear statement on its importance in international sports events. Above all at 888 we want to support and celebrate this moment with all Portuguese fans.” And we can confidently say: Portuguese fans feel the same way!

You can discover more about 888sport here.

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