Australia Seeks to Legalize Live Sports Betting

Australian gambling regulators are seeking to allow live sports betting Down Under and authorize online poker.

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The most recent gambling news coming from Down Under indicate that Australian government is considering allowing live sports betting under the Australian gambling laws within the next six to twelve months.

At present, online sportsbooks in Australia provide ways to wager on sports, but these bets can’t be done for in-play events as these unfold. Betting can be done before the games start.

Moreover, the regulators are seeking to allow to play online poker in Australia. First, on a trial basis. As of know, the poker players Down Under can play the machines widely available at shops. (Or, visit offshore online casinos.) These, however, have been under attack from anti-gambling activists and there is a possibility that playing these machines will be restricted.

In fact, the independent Australian Senator, Xenophon, as well as the Green Party, seek to restrict bets at these poker machines to $1 maximum at a time. Moreover, Xenophon is doing his own research to determine what to do with negative aspects of gambling, and to find out exactly what the government has been discussing with the gambling industry.

As it appears, gambling regulation in Australia is going into conflicting directions. What is likely, though, is that the changes to the gambling laws will be made.

Australia is a very attractive gambling market where an average adult spends well over $1,000 a year on betting on a variety of games such as sports, poker, and slot machines among others. The mobile casinos in Australia are also becoming more and more popular due to improving technology and accessibility.

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